Beware Skin Cancer

  Bingalau 13:29 09 Sep 2010

This afternoon I am of the hospiddle again for a minor operation to remove a bit of skin cancer from my back. This is the sixth time I have had bits removed from various places, including cheeks and ears. Any youngsters (that lets Brumas and Macscouse off the hook) out there be warned that time spent in sunnier climes is not all it's cracked up to be. You are self inflicting yourself with future wounds.

I would like to think that I had no choice as I was put in these places by the armed forces. But when I think back although we did not have the knowledge about the effects of long term sun damage. We should have taken note of the natives of the countries we lived in. They mostly stayed covered up or walked around with brollies raised in the sun. So forget about lying on the beach getting bronzie, stay white and learn to love yourself as you are.

  peter99co 13:35 09 Sep 2010

That's why shirt sleeve orders where created. You were damaging government property when you took off your shirt.

Get well soon :-)

  wiz-king 14:07 09 Sep 2010

Ah yes - but you don't have rickets! *grin*

  john bunyan 14:10 09 Sep 2010

Snap. Had a grade 3 on arm (below shirtsleeve order) 2 years ago. Hoping for the best, being checked every 6 months now for other symptoms So far so good but cannot get complacent .

  jakimo 14:20 09 Sep 2010

Wise Words,

The young don't seem to realize that "getting a tan" can have serious consequences later on in their life

  ella33 19:49 09 Sep 2010

Hope you are better soon, Bingalau.

Sometimes these diseases are not linked with sun exposure although it is often a factor. I had a bit of tongue taken off, barely noticeable now but with the oral surgeon and nurse saying "Did you smoke" over me the whole time! How to give someone a guilt complex. It was for less than 10 years and never that many, but I wonder now if diseases are always related to the popular cause.

Sorry about ranting when you are going for an op.
Good luck with it all

  morddwyd 19:58 09 Sep 2010

Like you, my wife has to go along every few months or so to have one cut out of her face, always with the underlying fear of the consequences of missing one.

She was a real sun worshipper when younger.

On the other hand I spent two years working in the open in Aden clad in nothing more than shorts and flip-flops, so far no problems.

  Bingalau 20:57 09 Sep 2010

The op is over and done with, it was only a fifteen minute job, no effects and no pain. As I said before this is about the sixth one and no doubt there will be more, they just seem to crop up anywhere and at any time. Fingers crossed that I am wrong and there aren't any more. I think the danger now is in ignoring them as they are nothing more than a bad itchy feeling, but always there and getting bigger with time.

There doesn't seem to be a decent effort to warn youngsters about these things, though there is a lot more information than in my day. But now-a-days the warnings seem more designed to flog sun tan lotion than actually keep people from lying there baking all day. (something I never did by the way).

  Brumas 22:50 09 Sep 2010

Keep well old pal, I need you to keep fit and well so that I can wind you up ;o}}
Seriously, I hope you are on the mend and having a couple of dark & stormies.

  Bingalau 14:06 10 Sep 2010

Brumas.Yes I know you will miss me when I've gone... So I ain't going nowhere just to annoy you.

Re your suggestion...Funny thing is I went to bed last night after a couple of dark and Stormie's and thoroughly enjoyed them. More tonight maybe although I don't want to turn out like you, a complete alcoholic.

Seriously too. Make sure you look after yourself and Fran. Keep those biccies in a tin for when I do eventually get to your neck of the woods. Love to Fran x x

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