Beware falling acorns!

  Dragon_Heart 23:16 13 Oct 2010

"Health and safety lunacy reaches new peak with warning sign"

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It's not too bad until the local squirrels start throwing them.

Nuts over nuts ?

  Forum Editor 23:29 13 Oct 2010

The Daily Mail seeks to sensationalise a non-story.

Acorns are falling onto a footpath used by hospital patients, and one person injured an ankle when stepping on one. The hospital wants to avoid the possibility of someone jumping on the compensation bandwagon, so it has taken what seems to me to be a very sensible step:-

‘Our groundsmen now sweep acorns up and they have put the signs up just to be on the safe side.’

The lunacy isn't in the warning, it's in the heads of the people in our society who see a potential compensation claim in every poor finger. The Mail knows this, but it knows its readership - there's more mileage in poking fun at a hospital's health and safety policy.

  Dragon_Heart 23:34 13 Oct 2010

You're not a big fan of The Daily Mail are you FE ?

  Forum Editor 23:51 13 Oct 2010

No, I'm not.

It was once a far better newspaper - now it is a travesty of its former self. It has achieved its huge circulation by the simple expedient of not bothering with responsible journalism, preferring instead to pander to those who like reading short articles with little depth and lots of sensation. Rely on The Mail for your news and in my opinion you'll receive a hotch-potch of badly-researched snippets that are often an insult to the intelligence.

You asked, so I answered.

  Dragon_Heart 23:58 13 Oct 2010

Like many publications or other companies for that matter it's now run by accountants not the editor or manager

  Quickbeam 09:38 14 Oct 2010

No great conker danger this year, there is a very visible shortage of conkers this season. Maybe that's why they're doing dangerous acorns instead...

  Bingalau 11:12 14 Oct 2010

I like the questions page in the Daily Mail, but don't buy it as I can read any newspaper on this here box.

  finerty 12:30 14 Oct 2010

Have you herd that new song Acorns are falling on my head

  Quickbeam 12:37 14 Oct 2010

Beech nuts fall with the same frequency as raindrops on the right day in the autumn, and beechnuts rhymes better for the song...

  Dragon_Heart 22:12 14 Oct 2010

Hail stones can grow to the size of a tennis ball exceeding 50mm across. Large hailstones fall at speeds of 100+ mph (160 kph). The heaviest individual hailstones (about 1kg) were recorded at Gopalganj, Bangladesh in 1986. However, hail stones of 3.4kg were reported from Hyderabad, India in 1939. The largest hail stone ever was reported from Yuwu, China in 1902.

  Forum Editor 22:45 14 Oct 2010

"there is a very visible shortage of conkers this season"

Make the most of those that are around. The Horse chestnut may be headed for extinction.

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