Beveridge anniversary

  daz60 11:24 01 Dec 2011

Welfare or Career ?

Wonder what this revolutionary idea of the time would be made of by Beveridge today.

For all the good that it has done has the principle underlying its creation been undermined.

  Aitchbee 12:51 01 Dec 2011

Thanks for the link - daz60.

Anyone, who has interests in Modern History will like what the bbc have provided on their website.

Is that Alec Guiness 'in drag' on his right? the photo.

Seriously, times have changed. The NHS must remain free, but standards of care have diminished, especially for older people.It's a big subject.

Everyone is being 'squeezed' because of money restraints.

  morddwyd 21:34 01 Dec 2011

It's got its faults, but many of those old enough to remember what it was like before Beveridge still shudder when they think of medical care, and the cost of it at that time.

  daz60 07:08 02 Dec 2011

Too true mordwyyd.

The story i have been told about my grandmother and father before the war makes me shudder at the thought.No medical aid and charity which at times was not so charitable, i really think that poverty then was real and tangible in ways that are completely different than today.

Generations change but the ideals and values which they pursued are measured through the lens of history and i feel that we have lost too much in the intervening years.Maybe i have become nostalgic for a time i did not experience but it appears that the 'ethics' that made the country have broken and,hence, that sense of community that united people in a common purpose have now become rarities.

Apart from the ad-hoc demonstrations we see today.

My father was ashamed to accept benefits when in the seventies he was made redundant yet he taught himself maths so he could find work,he did,to take him towards retirement.It is that purpose and self-reliance that appears to be lacking today.Yet some people use Welfare as a lifestyle choice,a career,that makes a mockery of those who sacrificed so much to enable us to have what we have.

The words that echo in my mind are those of my mother,"such is life" she always said and hers was a hard life.

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