The beulb that came back on

  jack 10:46 17 Apr 2008
Locked my hand.

A low energy bulb died, so I removed it and replaced it with another.
However as the general belief is that they are 'long life' as well as low energy and this one had not such a long life- I thought I would check it in another location.
Sure enough it did bot come on in the location either.
But as I removed it clear of the fitting it came on fully and as I placed in the desk continued to flicker.
Tried it once more and the same, as it came out of the fitting- it came on briefly and if flicked with finger it flickered.
Just like one of those conjurer's trick bulbs

Perhaps this is the first of a new type of bulb
Energy Free
Master that one and the world energy problem would be resolved.

  peter99co 11:12 17 Apr 2008

I think you are seeing static electricity at it's best. Do you get a shock when you touch a car door handle?

  jack 11:37 17 Apr 2008

Not for many a long year - but then it is cheap plat-stik - like most of the rest of the car under that glossy finish


  laurie53 20:42 17 Apr 2008

This means that your wireless router is pumping out far too much power and your whole house is full of microwave radiation.

I should get onto the Forum's favourite newspaper!

(Joke, everybody, joke!)

  jack 11:48 18 Apr 2008

A sigh of relief when I saw that line 'L'
{Though the 'joke' went over my head somewhat.

I haven't got a wireless router- only a bean tin and hairy string.

  oresome 19:04 18 Apr 2008

I've just replaced one that failed on the stairs. It's certainly not lasted anything like the claimed life. Funnily enough, it worked fine during daylight hours when the house was warmer, but failed to strike during the night when the house was colder.

  Pineman100 17:24 20 Apr 2008

When I was at school (134 years ago) the physics teacher used to love making someone stand on an insulated stool and put their hands on a Van De Graaff generator.

He then got them to hold a fluorescent tube, which lit up a treat.

Static electricity, as peter99co says.

click here

click here

  VoG II 18:46 20 Apr 2008

Nowadays, standing on a stool would be considered far too dangerous...

  interzone55 20:18 20 Apr 2008

Is a "beulb" something Inspector Clouseau would use to light his house...

  Pineman100 10:31 21 Apr 2008

You leetul minkey...

  jack 10:34 21 Apr 2008

I keep on glowing

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