Better than Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

  Confab 12:37 08 Nov 2007

If you’re not planning on doing much tomorrow (Friday) then the launch of Arianne 5 is being broadcast live from French Guiana on the internet. The launch window is Between 10:04 p.m. and 10:59 p.m. on November 9.

Two satellites are being placed into orbit. The Star One C1 commercial communications satellite for Brazilian operator Star One and much more importantly from our point of view the Skynet 5B military communications satellite for our very own M.O.D.

The broadcast usually starts about twenty minutes before lift off (so at about 9.40pm) and the commentary is usually full of interesting facts about the launch and the launch process (also the female commentator has the most wonderful French accent).

So if you’re not doing much tomorrow then click on the link below and then click on "The Webcast" near the top of the screen.

click here


  HondaMan 14:16 08 Nov 2007

title to your thread I would have to say,

I will do (almost) anything to avoid watching, hearing or even thinking about him.

How the TV companies can justify paying him what they do mystifies me.

  Curio 14:37 08 Nov 2007


  Belatucadrus 14:44 08 Nov 2007


If he was the best chat show host on the planet, he still wouldn't be worth what they pay him and he's way way off being the best. He makes Graham Norton look really subtle.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:09 08 Nov 2007

Planning on nursing a "haangover" tomorrow thans for the link will have a llok if I have sobered up by then.

  Confab 09:38 09 Nov 2007

A bit more info from the BBC

click here

  donki 13:06 09 Nov 2007

Ummmm I have to disagree I like Jonathon Ross, he has really good guests and music and all the people he has on being interviewed seem to enjoy his style. Ive been to see the live recording 3 or 4 times now whenever im over and never have been dissappointed, but each to thier own.

  jack 14:20 09 Nov 2007

His muvvah must luv him and donki
Then there is the rest of us

  Legolas 18:45 09 Nov 2007

I too avoid watching Jonathon Ross but my real aversion is to Graham Norton, I would rather gouge my eyes out than watch anything with him in it.

Anyway the real entertainment for a Friday night is when Brumas posts his latest "where is this postcard"

  mark2 19:02 09 Nov 2007

a little unfotunate - postponed :-(

click here

  Bingalau 19:10 09 Nov 2007

Legolas. I don't think Brumas gets his puzzle postcard on here until about 20.00 hrs.(8.00 p.m.)

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