Better off on Benefits.

  GRIDD 13:23 26 Sep 2008

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"Work and Pensions Sec­retary James Purnell last night insisted the report dealt only with “hypothetical” calculations of household income and did not confirm the existence of the benefits trap."

I see daily evidence of the trap and for the Gov't to deny the problem is shocking.

  al7478 14:19 26 Sep 2008

Hear hear! Shocking indeed.

  birdface 14:27 26 Sep 2008

Why blame the government.its always been like does not matter what government has been in office there has always been the families that have been worse off working than collecting benefits.

  Quickbeam 18:36 26 Sep 2008

they'll realise we need some working people to pay for the benefits.

  GRIDD 21:57 26 Sep 2008

Where did I issue blame on the cause of the problem?

I critiscised them for denying the problem exists as highlighted by the report.

As far as I can see there are a couple of simple solutions:

1. Drastically cut benefits to the unemployed.
2. Tie work and benefits together so there is an enticement to go out to work.

My scenario is one of their hypotheticals - that I'd be financially better off on benefits.

  GRIDD 21:58 26 Sep 2008

Missed a bit.

I say financially better off cos that's all it is. I'd go mad if I wasn't working from boredom in addition to feelinbg like a sponger.

  DANZIG 22:18 26 Sep 2008

Your point about feeling like a sponger.

There are people out there who are happy to feel like spongers while suckers like us pay for their lives.....booze/fags etc maybe..

By the way, have just come back from the pub and just about to have a cig....(but I've worked for them)

  birdface 10:12 27 Sep 2008

You have your choice stay at home and get more or go to work and get less.Now there was a program on telly last year where a mum and dad had about 17 children but the husband still went out to work it was a great program to watch.Now whether he went out to work for the money or just to get a bit of peace and quiet I am not sure.But you have to admire him for doing so.

  spuds 10:48 27 Sep 2008

There are people who go out to work, including pensioners, who either by their own choice or essential necessity of perhaps poverty.

There are people out there that 'knows the system' and may have never held any realistic job, except for possible cash in hand payment.This is a part and parcel of life, and governments will never have a full and clear answer to this.

Recently there was a survey with some politicians and commercial enterprise. The survey was very simple in respect that it asked the prices of everyday commodities and essentials. The end results were very confusing and concerning, because it was very clear some of the participants hadn't a clue about the cost of general living.In the main, these were people 'helping to run' the country.

What gets my goat, it that some people seem to tar everyone with the same brush, if the person is in receipt of some or any form of benefit. Usually with the sounds of scrounging off the state, and I pay all my dues, why should other people benefit. Different circumstances warrant different views and methods.Many pensioners have paid more that their rightful dues to society, but the ' I am alright' tend to overlook this.

I know a single mum with two young children, who goes to work, and also claims certain benefits.In her case she pays out a considerable amount of childcare money. In this case she could no doubt remain at home and possibly be supported by the state, but as she often states- "She doesn't like being a house hermit".

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