Better than Adobe Reader?

  Pesala 12:03 29 May 2007

I recently discovered PDF-XChange Viewer via a post on the Open Office forums. This free PDF reader can be downloaded from: click here

A day is not long enough to test a new product thoroughly, but so far I like it immensely, and have not discovered any problems yet. It looks like a much better solution than Foxit Reader,

It has an innovative viewer called a "loupe" that opens a resizable zoom window. This is easier to use than the dynamic zoom tool.

It also allows you to highlight text, and add text and graphics to PDF files, which is sometimes very handy.

I have already assigned it as my default PDF viewer.

If you haven't tried it yet, do take a look. I think it deserves to become more popular than Adobe Reader.

  Pesala 19:58 29 May 2007

I liked it so much I took the trouble to write a short review of the main features. click here to read it.

  Pesala 21:11 29 May 2007

This quote is taken from the help file for PDF-Xchange free PDF Viewer:

"And then ... for some reason only known to Adobe, they decided that some functionality would be available to users of their free Adobe Reader only if they used a product officially 'certified' this functionality to do so by Adobe - all competing software applications would now have to apply to Adobe for a certificate or the new functionality would not be possible with files made by competing and 'non' certified PDF creation and manipulation tools.

Suddenly the 'Open' PDF format was not so open and it is our concern that Adobe will continue to extend this in the future to regain some degree of control over who can create software with the ability to offer advanced PDF creation and manipulation functionality - whereas in the past the primary reason for the success of this standard format has been the fact that any software company has been free to create products for the purpose without interference from any party - including Adobe."

What effect do these restrictions have on other products that create PDF files? Are there security risks associated with opening PDF files form uncertified PDF file creation products?

It seems that this policy was enough to make this software vendor spend two years developing their Free PDF Viewer.

Whatever the reasons, I am glad they did. They have produced a first class product that seems thus far to be better than Adobe Reader.

  GroupFC 09:04 30 May 2007

Thank you - I am bookmarking this to have a more detailed look when I get home tonight!

  Monoux 09:23 30 May 2007

me too -- bookmarked

  flyboy 11:28 31 May 2007

Thanks, Will have a look

  bretsky 01:12 02 Jun 2007

Thanx very much for your link, just downloaded and installed and made it my default reader, it's got a great search facility and also you can send straight to email which fires up Thunderbird....brilliant!!

Oh yes, almost forgot, got new version of Print screen (4.1)which I always use...thanx again!

bretsky ;0)

  Pesala 10:57 02 Jun 2007
  bretsky 22:49 04 Jun 2007

So good that I have uninstalled Adobe v8, perhaps you should post this in the helproom Pesala, I'm sure people will make the change!

bretsky ;0)

  Pesala 20:53 06 Jun 2007
  Probabilitydrive 21:05 06 Jun 2007

Excellent replacement for Adobe. More features, good support, very comprehensive product.

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