Bet on for fate of Heather Mills' leg

  royalflush 13:31 12 Mar 2007

omg i cant belive they are doing this...

i dont realy like her due to my own reasons however this is makin a mockery of it

click here

  medicine hat 13:55 12 Mar 2007

Words fail me.

The depths people can plumb at the expense of others!! Frankly its disgusting. Are they going to bet on how many prosthetic legs come flying off in the next special olympics?!

I hope that site fails big time and end up costing its owners a lot of money

  WhiteTruckMan 14:03 12 Mar 2007

and you can get odds on anything as well. Chances are, if you asked around vegas you could get xtra odds on elvis being in the audience and catching said leg!


  wee eddie 14:08 12 Mar 2007

also removed just below the knee and so not obvious to the uninitiated.

I remember at one Hunt Ball, dressed in DJ and Black tie, the leg's holding strap went as he did the Charleston.

Of course he fell heavily and as he sat up, he noticed that the foot was pointing in the wrong direction, He took one look at it and said "Brandy" in a horse voice and then lay back. Within seconds, several glasses of brandy appeared at his side, so he sat up and swigged the lot.

Then he pulled up his trouser leg, reattached the harness and with a little help got back to his feet to a rousing cheer.

We never really decided whether the cheer was for his pluck, at carrying on, or for his "Brass neck" at the Brandy ploy!

  TOPCAT® 14:57 12 Mar 2007

always find a way, no matter how offensive.

Straying off thread a little, I well remember an incident that will stay with me for ever because it was so funny.

It was during the 1960s when some Jamaican workers appeared at our barracks in London. One of them, Joe, had an artificial leg and was employed as a cleaner for the workshops and offices. At lunch time we all used a nearby building which had room for a table tennis set up, and a darts area.

One day, old Joe was sat on the edge of the tennis table when one of my corporals, recently posted in to us and late for lunch, came rushing in. He shouted "Hiya Joe" and grabbed at his dangling foot and gave it a friendly twist. The corporal's look of horror as the foot turned completely round 180 degrees was unforgettable, more so because Joe pretended he was badly hurt and moaned in mock pain. He played it out to the full and the NCO's real concern was only relieved when he finally noticed the rest of us desperately trying to hold in our laughter.

I'll wager that young man has never forgotten that day and, obviously, neither have I. :o) TC.

  Bingalau 15:40 12 Mar 2007

wee eddie. Your dad was not much of an advert for Scotch then. Or perhaps he wasn't a Scotsman? Good story though.
TOPCAT. Another good story, It's nice to have a laugh as long as no one is offended by these things happening.

  Forum Editor 16:46 12 Mar 2007

I'm sure Heather doesn't.

  wee eddie 17:20 12 Mar 2007

In his day, he was Navy, and the Forces had different drinks when in company.

The Army drank Whisky

The Navy drank, either Pink Gin or Horses Neck (Brandy & Ginger Ale)

  Bingalau 17:39 12 Mar 2007

wee eddie. Your dad must have been an officer then because when I was on board ship we drank Rum and the officers were the Pink Gin drinkers.

  wee eddie 17:59 12 Mar 2007

That he was. Got to the giddy heights of Lt. Cmdr before he lost his leg off Ushant. Joined up aged 12. Yes, that's right, a 12yo.

Many from his "term" at Dartmouth reached considerable Rank and I had hopes of emulating them until an eye injury put pay to my chances.

  wee eddie 18:03 12 Mar 2007

while Britain was still the ruling Power.

And from "The Moth" up the Yangtze River before the Communist uprising are fascinating.

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