Best and worst software!

  drew645 07:41 25 Oct 2005

What's the best and worst software you've ever used? Just curious!
My best would be Norton Ghost which allows me to reload my entire hard disk if I have problems. That has made life so much easier.
The worst? Er.. anything given away with a computer mag. The ones also available free on the net such as Adaware and Spybot are great but are easily obtainable. Everything else is junk.
Prove me wrong!

  Jackcoms 08:41 25 Oct 2005

Best software? Windows XP (yes, I know it's an OS - but it's still software).

Worst? Can't really say, because I'm very choosy about what I install and I only ever install software if I envisage a need for it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:08 25 Oct 2005

Ccleaner click here Best piece of freeware ever.


  spuds 11:25 25 Oct 2005

All software as its good and bad points. I am one of these people who buy a product, usually on face value, and never really find out what are the full potentials of that programme, so my rating score would be very suspect.

Think on the whole, I will say any of Microsofts operating packages, without them I would not be using the internet.

  Diver14 17:11 25 Oct 2005

Without a doubt. I just wish I had VOG's abilities!!

  Andybear 19:48 25 Oct 2005

The best one for me is MS Word. I'm a secretary and have used several WP packages over the years, ranging from the old Wordplex system to Word 2003, which is what I'm currently using at work. I have Word 2002 on my home PC.

As regards the worst, it has to be NTL's dial-up software. When I tried installing it several years ago it totally messed up my system and I had to reinstall of Windows. Thankfully their broadband software hasn't had the same effect!!

  Dan the Doctus 19:52 25 Oct 2005

I was going to say WinXP, Ad-aware or Spybot but these have already been suggested so I'll say AVG and ZoneAlarm (ok, that's two but they work great together).

Worst software - Linux.

  ade.h 20:05 25 Oct 2005

My favourites would be - Net Objects Fusion; cheaper than the most popular alternative by about £200 and just as powerful, and Open Office; almost as sophisticated as MS Office, but free.

The worst is anything that wrecks my system and/or crashes a lot. Icon Packager springs to mind.

  ade.h 20:07 25 Oct 2005

What kind of experience did you have with Linux to dislike it? I tried Suse earlier this year and was very impressed.

  mole44 20:07 25 Oct 2005

best...flight sim 2004 antivirus

  Dan the Doctus 20:26 25 Oct 2005

Never used it, couldn't think of anything so I just said it to be controversial! Have heard that some people have problems with drivers, though.

*hangs head in shame*

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