Best in UK

  laurie53 22:50 22 Jan 2009

Local chippy has just been named Best in UK.

How do I get my cholesterol down now?

  anskyber 22:52 22 Jan 2009


  Si_L 23:50 22 Jan 2009


  tullie 00:03 23 Jan 2009

One of my local chippies had that honour bestowed on them previously,their fish and chips were not even the best in town.

  Forum Editor 00:13 23 Jan 2009

awarding body. My local shop also advertises itself as 'Best in UK'. The food is very good, and there's always a queue out of the door on Friday nights.

  VNAM75 00:22 23 Jan 2009

What defines good fish and chips?

For me the batter can't be too hard and the chips have to be quite thick and the texture has to be crispy golden.

I usually can't decide whether gravy or curry is best with it and whether to add vinegar or not.

  Stuartli 00:27 23 Jan 2009

>>I usually can't decide whether gravy or curry is best with it and whether to add vinegar or not.>>

If only we all had so little of any consequence to worry about...:-)

  dagbladet 00:50 23 Jan 2009


I've no doubt we all have but I guess Vnam75 was just trying to stay on topic - smiley/winky thing

  VNAM75 01:22 23 Jan 2009

I think curry edges it for me, just.


  Condom 06:11 23 Jan 2009

As I'm allergic to all thing fishy I used my local chippie for the wonderful scotch pies and chips. Why I am not fat I have no idea because I could live on them.

In fact thinking about them now has made me hungry. Does anyone know a chippie which does local delivery to Bangkok. LOL.

  Quickbeam 06:34 23 Jan 2009

Usually when the proprietor is the main man on duty. When they sit back and let staff get on with it, the quality drops like a stone.

When it's quiet the fish is cooked to order. More than 15 minutes in the top dries it out.

When the fresh chips are put into the drainer, they are not mixed in with the old ones.

They're not tempted to re-fry yesterdays chips. Scrap them at the end of the days business.

The oil/fat is changed regularly. Don't try to spin it out until the fat has gone rancid and then change it when enough customers complain.

And finally it's no harder to make excellent fish 'n chips than crap ones. Take note if you run a chip shop... I only go to a crap one once!

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