The best thing that happened to me this year was..

  Forum Editor 16:14 22 Dec 2010

Well, what was it?

It hasn't been a great year in terms of the economy, but for lots of you there will have been high points. As the year is drawing to a close I thought it might be uplifting if we could share some of the year's pleasant memories.

If you feel like telling us, now's the time. No bad news please, there's enough of that in the big wide world outside.

To kick things off, I was recently contacted out of the blue by someone who I haven't heard from for over 15 years. We were very close friends back then, but we had a big disagreement, and parted company on bad terms. I'm sure we both thought we were in the right, and the years rolled on. Suddenly, without any warning there it was, a couple of months ago, an email from this person saying (in essence) 'I'm sorry for what happened, do you think we can try to heal the breach?'.

It was a wonderful surprise, and we're remaking our friendship. Life's too short, as they say.

  Chris the Ancient 16:22 22 Dec 2010

For me, it was retiring (albeit later than normal).

It has given me the time to get into the different things that I have been wanting to write.

Some smaller bits done and soon available to the public. And now I'm into the novel that has been fermenting in my mind the last few years.

And no more awkward clients aggravating me when I was trying to do my job.

Add to that I am getting some hospital help that I have been begging for for the past several years an life has become a lot better.

  Seth Haniel 16:23 22 Dec 2010

back in May and Honeymoon Cruise of 'med' in September :)

  March Hare 16:24 22 Dec 2010

The best thing that happened to me this year was, after a stroke I had two years agoo, after which it wasn't clear if I

  QuizMan 16:27 22 Dec 2010

Like CtA, I retired this year. That has enabled me to go back more seriously to my sport of choice, athletics, and train for the various masters track competitions. As a result I won my first (and probably last) county title over 400 metres, plus silver in the 100m. Admittedly that is the 60+ age category, but it still counts so far as I am concerned

  Bingalau 16:33 22 Dec 2010

QuizMan. It counts as far as everybody else is concerned to. Congratulations and keep it up. But cut out the jogging when you get in to your seventies. (Those knees are not as young as your mind).

  March Hare 16:33 22 Dec 2010

Sorry,pressed wrong button. After 18 months finding I could push a trolley around the supermarket. Finding myself back as an ordinary bloke pushing a trolley gave me a huge boost.

  Bingalau 16:36 22 Dec 2010

The best thing I did this year was to pay for the operation on my spine. I wouldn't have been walking at all now. At least I am now managing well with a walking stick, which I hope will become redundant soon too.

  interzone55 16:40 22 Dec 2010

I split up from my wife of 14 years in February, that's not the best thing as it was an amicable split, no fighting just a gradual drifting apart.

The best thing was meeting my new girlfriend in July. We met online (not one of the expensive TV advertised sites, tried them and they didn't work. This site I used is free and worked for me) and immediately clicked. We met in person at a music festival - perfect first date 4 days in a camper - and it all went swimmingly. We have so many things in common, and it's highly likely that we went to many of the same gigs / clubs / bars in the early 90's.

We still live apart so only meet at weekends, but I'm spending Christmas and New Year at her house, 10 days together. For the first time in over a decade I'm looking forward to Christmas and am really excited...

  wolfie3000 16:42 22 Dec 2010

Well this year hasent been a memorable one for me really,
But a few good things have happened,

I got the first season of the anime K-on and the second season was announced.

Made an awesome friend in Perfect world and now we run dungeons together every week end.

Finished reading the Koran finally.

I know its not earth shattering, but the small things in life bring me the most joy.

  Cymro. 16:54 22 Dec 2010

Not too sure about the whole year may get back to that, but last week I was "elected" to play Father Christmas at a play school that my grandson attends. The children were very young all under three. Most of them never remembered seeing Father Christmas before and so were nervous. The site of an old man dressed all in red with a long white beard would make any child nervous. My grandson was the only one who would come up on my knee. He looked my right in the eye and gave me a great big smile that only a grandson can give. I don`t know if he had actually recognised me but by the way he behaved I think he must have sensed something. If he could talk I bet he would tell all the kids that this Father Christmas looked just like his grandfather. It made my day and to think that I am the one who does not even like Christmas.

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