The best technologies

  Kate B 12:40 15 Apr 2007

As a counterpoint to the magazine ed's request, what do you think are the best technologies? For me it's email and mobiles: my whole life is built around access to those technologies and the ease with which they can be accessed is just brilliant.

And quick-drying nail polish: fantastic. It means I'm ready to go out much faster. :)

  WhiteTruckMan 12:45 15 Apr 2007

on my TV.

Simple ideas quite often are the best ones.


  postie24 12:51 15 Apr 2007

Dulux magic white paint.Its coloured with a hint of pink,but dries brilliant white.
Excellent for covering white undercoat.

  robgf 13:07 15 Apr 2007

Marmite -- food of the gods....

LED lights for bicycles, no more flat batteries and messing about with rechargables.

Anatomical saddles for bicycles, for those of us, with sensitive bottoms. :)

  Al94 13:09 15 Apr 2007


  €dstowe 13:24 15 Apr 2007

The Internet.

  Forum Editor 13:34 15 Apr 2007

have got to be the best. I think a large part of the commercial life of the planet would be seriously compromised without it.

  [email protected] 13:37 15 Apr 2007

wherever i am at work i can be tracked with a square foot by my id, if i want a coffee or use the canteen, it is debited from my id and then salary/expense account, i hate this i have 3 mobile phone (electronic tags as they are known) one given to me by work, the second given to me by work in case the first one gets lost flat battery etc etc oh and the third was given to me by my previous girlfriend (so she could keep track of me IMHO)
What happened to the days you heard "i just tried calling xyz, no reply he must be out" (or maybe chilling with a guitar)
i have to take a phone to the bathroom in fear of missing a call and work sending a colleague round or a friend coming round to check i havnt fallen off the wagon again.
I have just come back from a lovely walk along the canal, 2 hours of blissful nothingness and when i get back 5 missed calls and 2 messages
i hate it i really do!
there are cameras on every street corner, and 2 trackers on my car, where is my privacy? why cant i just vanish and do my own thing for a couple of days? technology? dont like it and am seriously concidering finding a small cave someplace to live in heavenly peace amongst the bats!
enjoy the sunshine all

(mine has to be the humble can opener btw)

  Forum Editor 14:07 15 Apr 2007

It sounds as if your technology is controlling you, rather than the other way around.

There's no reason why anyone should have to take a phone into the bathroom if they don't want to. I run my own business, and I hate missing calls from clients, but my phone is switched off at 6:00 on a Friday evening, and doesn't go on again until Monday morning. My daughter has two mobiles from her company - one number for clients, and another for colleagues - but she turns them off when she's at home.

Technology is supposed to make life easier, not imprison us.

  hzhzhzhz 14:11 15 Apr 2007

Varifocal lenses for specs.

  Totally-braindead 14:13 15 Apr 2007

Best technology? Email yes mobiles no. I don't use mine much, I admit if you had a job and you moved around a lot it would be pretty much an essential.
Just back from flying my model planes so that would get my best technology vote. Radio Control model systems. Things have become cheaper, smaller, lighter and more reliable.
Not only that but before you would have a hell of a time fitting the radio gear, making sure you had the right amount of movement and that was centred correctly. Now its computerised. You vitually dump your gear in and connect them up to the control surfaces and then set things as you wish. Reduce the movement, increase the movement, set the centring, setup and reverse movements if necessary all from the transmitter in a couple of minutes.
And still on the RC modelling front, LiPoly batteries and brushless motors. Even 5 years ago if you wanted to fly a battery powered model they were to heavy as you had to use NiCad batteries and didn't fly all that well or for that long. Now you can build light aerobatic models that can fly for 20-25 minutes. Amazing technology.
For those of you that have no idea what a electric aerobatic model can do and are interested have a look at this click here or click here the second one is what my mates flying just now.

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