The best software ever stuck to a magazine?

  JYPX 21:02 04 Aug 2004

The recent post by Fateful Shadow (Don't B-sharpe) has got me thinking. I would be interested to know which piece of free , cover mounted software, you consider to be your all-time best find. Do you want to know what mine is? Oh go on then. 2 years ago Guitarist magazine had a Computer Music supplement and stuck a cd on the front containing the full version of Cakewalk Plasma - astonishing. Now I am sure you all know that lot's of todays music stars never set foot in a recording studio - all recording is pc based (Eminem for example). Cakewalk Plasma could be described as a basic multi-track digital recording studio - on your pc. If you are even competent on guitar, or keyboards, and have a little imagination, I promise you that you can produce astonishing results, and have a lot of fun, with this type of software. Anyway - the point is it was given away FREE on a cover disc! Also recently I spotted Camtasia software (screen capture) on a cover disc - amother great app.....Forum Editor - If anyone wishes to reply to this thread I guess they could be talking about cover discs supplied by your competitors. I hope you will forgive me for this - after all it may be of interest to hear which (full programmes) people would really like to see stuck to pcadvisor - if possible.

  Chegs ® 00:41 05 Aug 2004

My latest freebie that I used for recovering XP Pro from a damaged CD and saved myself a few quid,came with PCA Mag and is called CDX Rescue.I also got DriveImage(created the floppies on a 98se PC and use them to create images of XP) from a cover CD,I have amassed a good selection of various apps to replace the software I got with my 1st PC,Open Office,etc all for free either off the net or from a cover disc.As my PC use changes,I often need different applications(video of the family onto DVD now,from experimenting with OC previously,etc)and I find most suitable apps through google,or when perusing the mags on display at the shops and I spot an app on its CD that I can use.


Yes,its me you have to push past to get to the mag stands in Smiths. :-)

  Sethhaniel 08:18 05 Aug 2004

tiscali Disc
-have hours of pleasure trying to extract it from the pages of PCADVISOR

  Sethhaniel 14:07 05 Aug 2004

It means STUCK

  Diemmess 15:00 05 Aug 2004

It wasn't stuck inside. In those days the floppy was taped to the cover, so you slit the tape or stripped part of the design off. It was current, free, and "did what it said" -- in the mag.

It was one of about a dozen needed to install Win 3.1.1 from scratch.
I notice I still have a home burned cd which had the whole string in 2 folders. It made short work of installing Windows 3.1.1 long after I should have thought seriously about 95 or 98.

Not much changes here, I still shelter with 98SE pretending I'm not interested in XP.

  Diemmess 15:09 05 Aug 2004

I find some absurd (doubtless sad) reason to extract Tiscali without mag damage every time I find one.

All you need to do is have lots of patience, plus light refreshment handy. Then apply exactly the right tension to the page while supporting the CD. (The object is to separate the CD from the glue first). It helps to sing a happy song while doing this.

Once separated, the CD goes in the bin and a beautifully controlled thumb will roll the glue away from the page.

  Sethhaniel 15:16 05 Aug 2004

the Tiscali disk a few months ago was not only glued to the page but actually into the spine of the magazine - and some of the disk is still actually lodged there -
in the old days 'internet' disks actually also had trial and shareware programs on them so at least you were tempted to insert them into the machine to see what was on them. ;)

Back to Topic - My best cover disc had the full version of 'the All Music Guide' good info for finding out who sang what and when.

  ardvarc 16:50 05 Aug 2004

June 1999, ISSUE 45. AVG Anti-Virus 6.0 SOHO. For the pricely sum of one off £12 I updated to the full version for life. I then upgraded to AVG 6.0 Pro for several years and last year I was invited to a 2 year free licence for AVG 7.0 Pro. Pays to be loyal and I think it was March- April 2001 I joined the forum.

  jonnytub 18:25 05 Aug 2004

Don't remember if it was this magazine that put it on the cover disk, but i was on dial up at the time and downloading was not an option. My dial up was extremely slow, something like 3kbps max.

  Big Elf 20:02 05 Aug 2004

Acronis TrueImage on a PCA CD, saved me hours of re-installation time after a disk failure.

  SEASHANTY 16:11 06 Aug 2004

XP service pack 1 was on the PC PRO mag disc, quite some time ago. It was also on a Windows XP MAG. I still have both of them. The discs - not the mags.

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