Best Reality TV Show Ever!

  Z1100 23:14 01 Mar 2007

Yes, would you believe it. A reality show on TV that is worth watching.

I think you need Cable or Sky, and the Show is called The House of Tiny Tear aways!

I think it is great and Dr Tanya Byron has her work cut out sorting mostly the parents out. See if you can't bump into it. It is nice to see a TV show give out more than it takes.

I just searched the www. click here it's a BBC Three program. Double points to the BEEB then.


  Kate B 23:21 01 Mar 2007

Actually, I think that one and Supernanny are the most distasteful and voyeuristic. Small children can't understand that they're being filmed to be exploited for other people's entertainment, regardless of the fig leaf of "it's for their own good"; and therefore they can't give an informed consent. I'm not someone who shouts about "children's rights" because by and large I think it's down to the parents to make the right decisions for minors. But I find this one particularly exploitative.

  Z1100 23:33 01 Mar 2007

that you would would be adverse to that one. Shows how wrong you (I) can be about someone.

I find it good on two levels;

Notwithstanding your point about the exploitation, the first reason is that it 'heals' a family and helps them to function better. In each case so far the Parent(s) have agreed that their lives will improve as a direct result. Personally, if I had an issue like the ones demonstrated on the show I would apply to 'get in.'

The second point is the educational part for the viewer. I have two kids and blah blah blah... I could have done better (both 20+ now) if I had not been too proud to ask for help. So, I believe there will be Families out there that will learn valuable information that may just change their lives for the better.

To me, that is a fair price to pay for the voyeuristic attraction of the show.


  Forum Editor 23:39 01 Mar 2007

of any programme that uses children behaving badly as its 'hook'. There must surely be depths to which TV programmers won't sink in the perpetual quest for ratings?

The BBC says this programme "...will be a dramatic journey, as under Tanya's watchful eye the families encounter different parenting approaches used by the other families in residence." and that "Presenter Claudia Winkleman will be guiding the audience through the daily events."

I bet the children can't wait to provide everyone with a dramatic journey. Not that anyone will have asked them.

  Z1100 23:52 01 Mar 2007

watching where they start and thinking, yes, seen that you can't fix that... But She does. Even on the follow ups it is fixed.

5 yr olds that only eat pureed foods eating roast dinner. Now, I will admit that the Parents could have sorted that out at home but I will not admit that it could have been done without the education.

And that is the brilliant thing, to me, about this program. It frees Parent and Child and I believe it does it in a controlled environment though I am no specialist.

I think this is about series three and I believe if just one Dysfunctional Family goes home 'fixed' then it is surely a triumph in the theatre where there is no Typical Family and we move away from the conventional 'Nuclear Family'

I belive in some cases the result out weighs the journey, this is one, surely?


  Kate B 23:59 01 Mar 2007

I think it's fine for adults to submit themselves to television gurus and I get a mild voyeuristic buzz out of watching things like 10 Years Younger. I don't have a problem with the format at all - i think it's a Faustian pact. You get something - a makeover, help kickstarting a diet, whatever - in return for agreeing to be probably shown in a bad light and for providing some entertainment for viewers.

I just don't like kids, who aren't in a position to say "no, I don't want my failings to be served up as entertainment", to be used in this way. Because at the end of the day all TV shows are ultimately about entertainment.

  Jak_1 00:22 02 Mar 2007

It is shows like that that are one good reason for me not watching much tv. I am with both FE and Kate B on this one, children are not for exploitation to give others entertainment. Reality shows in general can hardly be described as educational!

  Z1100 00:33 02 Mar 2007

Forgive me, that was funny. True as well, but still funny. And I do not understand what the 'Faustian pact' is. Maybe you could help me with that one? Unless of course the explanation was right there after that phrase, I bet it was. ;)

To be honest I never thought about the kids position. Now that you high-lite it I still feel that if the choice had been there for me I would have taken it. Hindsight is good here for me and I find it easy to appease myself making that judgement.

I even still feel that the decision to produce such a show is fundamentally correct. I would not say that the kids are going through any more stress in that environment than they would at home. In fact I believe that with-in two days they experience less stress than they ever had at home and their future will be less stressful too.

Kids by their very nature are able to judge a lot for themselves and I believe that this episode in their life will be either forgotten because they have changed for the better.


Will be remembered for what it was, a breakthrough for the whole family where everyone learnt a valuable lesson.

I do accept the point of choice, but only to a limit. That limit for me being can the child really know what will be good long term and should we be trusting the decision to them anyway? Is that not a moral judgement for the parent(s)?

Maybe I am missing something, or maybe I just see opportunity no matter the cost.


  Kate B 00:39 02 Mar 2007

Faust sold his soul to the devil in return for youth - an impossible pact; hence the phrase.

Older kids, yes, they can make a decision but the kids in Tearaways and in Supernanny are tinies and can't be asked for consent because they won't understand what they're consenting to. Regardless of any apparent good I think it's exploitative. Ultimately it's about their bad behaviour being used to entertain. Any improvement in their behaviour and family relationships is just part of the plot: human nature demands redemption as part of the resolution of a plot and kids becoming better behaved precisely fills that requirement. I don't usually have a problem with cynical TV but I dislike the involvement of the kids in these cases.

  Jak_1 00:39 02 Mar 2007

The show was made for:
1) profit
2) entertainment value

It is typical of the levels, as has been already said, that producers will stoop to in order to get an audience!

  Z1100 00:40 02 Mar 2007

Surely you do not believe that of this show? BB et-al yes, those are indeed 'trash TV.'

I would wager that there are many Parents out there watching this show and learning how to deal with difficult issues with-in the family.

I sit there and I learn valuable lessons. Not that they will help me now but I defy anyone to prove that there is not something worth learning, as a Parent, about Parenting, from this show.


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