Best overall computer maker

  john63 20:09 21 Dec 2005

In my opinion Compaq offer the best value for money PCs and notebooks. Perhaps someone would like to put forward the case for Dell or Mesh?

  jack 20:29 21 Dec 2005

If you want this to run and run you have said the right thing.

I think I am correct - Compaq is now a Dell brand.
Either way you talking about the latgest volumwe maker of computers all largely built to their own design components, and because of the huge volumes involved will have good to indifferent invididual products across the range, and the same with aftersales support acording to time of day, the volume of call at any time and the ability of the callers to express the true nature of their problem.

Mesh make desk top machines from standard components and badge standard laptops.
As such the machines are as good the the components that can be purchased for lowest cost.
Once more aftersales will be as good as the volume
of traffic at any given time - and as with Dell the ability of the caller to give an accurate diagnosis- So if a caller has had a problem during/after the festivities, when most machines will have been delivered and the greatest volume of those seeking help
So dont get steamed up if nest week Help lines are a little less than on the ball.

  DrScott 20:33 21 Dec 2005

I'm the best computer manufacturer... all my machines work beautifully! (Well all 2 of them!)

Now taking my tongue firmly out of my cheek...

  ade.h 20:35 21 Dec 2005

The Compaq name is owned - and used - by HP

  jack 20:37 21 Dec 2005

Yes I agree Dr Scott - Mine is the same It is somewhat aking to King Arthurs axe.[1500 years old absolutely original- only ten handles and 3 new heads

  jack 20:40 21 Dec 2005

Ah! I knew it was one of them -now HP is just the reversw to a firm like Dell - Dell make 'em to their own designs from parts made for them.

Meanwhile HP design and market- but every one else makes the stuff for them

  amonra 20:43 21 Dec 2005

They are ALL good until they go wrong. The good manufacturers are still in business, the dud ones dont survive. Just because a Dell xyz is a goodun doesn't mean to say that Dell xyz2 will be. Ask around, and listen to the experts on this forum, they've got quite a bit of experience.

  Totally-braindead 20:56 21 Dec 2005

When I saw the title of the thread I thought I would post saying the best one is me. Unfortunately a lot of you beat me to it. I wouldn't have a branded PC personally, I agree they are good value for money but its the problem of upgrading, now it used to be that certain companies made their PCs with slight differences so that standard components wouldn't always fit. Compaq was one of them. Now perhaps my point is no longer valid and the PC manufacturers no longer do this, if so I appologise but I personally would prefer either to build my own, which I realise many people are afraid of/not interested in or buy a PC from the like of Novatech who use standard components for their PCs.

Can anyone confirm to me that brand name companies no longer use slightly different components so that some standard parts won't fit?

  ade.h 20:57 21 Dec 2005

If I HAVE to buy rather than build - such as a laptop - I tend to go with the companies who will bend over backwards to help when I need assistance and sort it out ASAP. That's my definition of a great company; one that treats me at least as good as I treat my own clients.

  SG Atlantis® 21:03 21 Dec 2005

Compaq aren't custom parts, I researched this before buying a Presario SR1639UK. It is fully upgradeable, MSI ATX mobo, standard PSU, Socket 939 AMD and PCIE graphics with SATA hdds.

The only thing I didn't like was the partition for recovery instead of an OS disk. Further more upgrading does not affect your warranty, although they ask you to set the computer back to original config before warranty work is carried out.

I like compaq.

  john63 21:18 21 Dec 2005

I know that HP now ownes Compaq, but my computer is too old for that (2001) :-). I have a 2 Compaq keyboards, both of which, alhough a few years old (don't know exactly)are very high quality (no missing, loose keys, not too clickety) and used for 5+ hours everyday. My personal computer is a 2001 vintage Compaq deskpro (1GHz P3, 256Mb RAM, 20Gb + 80Gb HDD, HIS Radeon 9250, XP pro) with a Compaq S700 17inch CRT monitor. The other machine is a Tiny in a Packard Bell case (450MHz P3, 128Mb RAM, 10Gb HDD, 98SE) with a Compaq V55 15inch CRT monitor. They both work just about flawlessley. Both monitors produce a clear, unblurred picture, although the V55 looks like it may be on the way out (dodgy lines on screen). Just thought that I should demonstate that Compaq stuff generally is good quality and value for money.

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