Best or Worst advice given to you?

  packettracer 12:03 01 Aug 2006

Careers adviser at school told people either Farming, The Army or become a barrister.

Not a surprising really as he was a barrister in the army & his family owned a farm!!!!!

  Sethhaniel 12:31 01 Aug 2006

at dentists ;(

  amonra 12:47 01 Aug 2006

Dont buy that house for £400,it's too expensive, prices cant keep going up and up forever !!!!!
My father-in-law, 1957

  GroupFC 13:06 01 Aug 2006

Back-up, back-up and back-up!!!

  Mad Gilbert 13:19 01 Aug 2006

Worst advice I ever got has to be when a friend of mine said I should try Championship Manager. Buggered up my whole final year at college that did!

  josie mayhem 13:43 01 Aug 2006

Not sure that I could call it the worst but the most stupidist....

Being told by a social worker when my son throw a paddy not to but into his bedroom (I would give him sleeping problems) but to sit him at the bottom of the stairs and make a big T with my hands tell him time out repeat several times and make him sit there for no more than 5 minutes...

His face was a picture when I said that I couldn't do that! As I lived in a bungalow and didn't have any stairs.

And I was right all along, I ended up with the social worker after pleas of help via the doctors... Help I got some twit who blamed my sons behaviour on me.... If they took note on what I was saying about the paddys when they happened lasted for hours, no real pattern to them and in between you couldn't ask for a better behaved child....

Ended up resolving the issue myself.... I monitored what he was eating over a period of time and bingo I found what was causing all the hassel.... Mainly Blue smarties or other sweetes/foods that contained blue colouring...

  wolfie3000 13:44 01 Aug 2006

"Earn respect dont expect it to be given to you!" My mother when i was a kid.

  SG Atlantis® 13:51 01 Aug 2006

Don't laugh at others unless you can laugh at yourself.

  Sapins 14:44 01 Aug 2006

Re-installing XP is a piece of cake!!!!

  Pamy 15:25 01 Aug 2006

Trust me

  De Marcus™ 15:35 01 Aug 2006

"I'll have that up n running in 10 minutes"

Two hours later............

Don't suppose that's advice either way, oh well..

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