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  Managing ed 11:14 04 Aug 2007

In the PCA office we're quickly coming round to the idea that hosted online apps represent the future. We reckon these are the best tools around today:

click here

...but the nature of such tools suggests that we're probably missing out on some hidden gems. So, forum users, your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with useful online sites, apps and tools we've missed. (What do you mean, getting forum members to do our jobs?)


Matt Egan
Managing Editor, PC Advisor

  wolfie3000 16:15 04 Aug 2007

Good idea, one that i would add would be Msn web messenger,

click here

  sunny staines 16:23 04 Aug 2007

I would consider

IE7 Pro
WINASO reg optimiser
IObit AWC2
IObit defrag 3.1
down load accelerator plus 8.5 [run A2 Square to remove adaware program seems to then run even faster]

  Chris the Ancient 16:40 04 Aug 2007


  smokingbeagle 17:27 04 Aug 2007
  brundle 17:28 04 Aug 2007

As I understand it, `online hosted apps` are not just applications you can download online, they are tools/services/applications via browser you might normally install a specific program for.

Gliffy; click here is a useful one for example.

  LastChip 17:56 04 Aug 2007
  Pineman100 17:58 04 Aug 2007

Yeah - lots of lovely free download software being listed, but they're not what this thread is about.

  laurie53 20:26 04 Aug 2007

Most the ones so far listed have been on the PCA DVD/CDs, and therefore hardly qualify as ones they've "missed".

  WhiteTruckMan 21:16 04 Aug 2007

hidden away here, and thats do you trust a third parties system enough to allow it (reasonably) unfettered access to your system, which is what I understand to mean by hosted online applications, whereby the software is running on a machine at an unknown location and you are merely interacting with it. If anyone thinks I'm way off the beam in my interpretation then please, please correct me.

When you download an application (or install from a disc, same thing for this purpose) you have the opportunity to examine/refuse the installation because of , say, you dont like the security certificates, or you can scan it with your AV, adware and spyware scanners.

But if you are running something on a third party machine, what do you know about their security policies? and do they actually practice what they preach? Just how clean is that unknown machine?

I'm not trying to rain on anyones parade, but its a big unknown, and I think it ought to be at least mentioned. In an ideal world online apps would be an ideal solution for a lot of people. In the real world there is always someone somewhere waiting to take advantage in whatever unscrupulous manner they can concieve of.


  Forum Editor 09:19 05 Aug 2007

that hosted online apps represent the future."

I wish I could share your optimism, but I'm afraid I can't. When the internet is perceived as being a safe place to work, maybe, but we're a long way from that at the moment. I simply couldn't recommend the use of hosted applications to any of my clients as things stand - the security implications are horrendous.

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