Best forum ever!

  GRIDD 22:28 05 Oct 2008

This has to be it..... PCAdvisor.

I just got involved in a thread that could claim the title of "the most stupid, flaming, foulest thread ever" as it quickly degenerated.

It was on a different site and I was thinking to myself..... Where's the mods to delete it? as I was failing to reason with some of the posters.

So in a nutshell:

Thank goodness for the sanity and order that is the PCAdvisor forums!

  Si_L 23:32 05 Oct 2008

You hoping for a free subscription or something? ;)

  octal 23:50 05 Oct 2008

I agree, the only downside I have noticed there is an element of sarcasm creeping in which isn't very nice and can be a bit off putting sometimes.

  birdface 08:31 06 Oct 2008

Send in the F/E he will sort it out.

  GRIDD 09:36 06 Oct 2008

Maybe we should. I recieved a 2 week ban for disagreeing with a moderator's friend - who boasted that I'd receive my ban in the morning. Oh well.

  spuds 12:30 06 Oct 2008

I have been with the forum since the very early days, and in all that time it as had its highs as well as lows. Contributers have moved on, and have perhaps been replaced by other well meaning people.

Whether it can be classed as 'Best forum ever' is perhaps an achievement brought on by good contributers and management.

  Chris the Ancient 12:50 06 Oct 2008

Like spuds, I've been here for years. And it is the best.

I've visited one or two others - and keep returning here. The flaming and language, not that I am averse to the odd expletive as the occasion arises, that I find these more amateur forums a pain in the proverbial and just makes me never go back.

We seem to have a 'sensible' load of members (usually) who can impose self-discipline and keep within the rules.

Add to that good moderation - care of FE and his special 'silver deleting mouse - and we can rest reasonably assured of a sensible forum. One that is a shining light to those others.


p.s. FE... you know my real name and cheques can be made payable to me ;-)))

  lofty29 13:53 06 Oct 2008

I agree, an excellent forum, we will never all agree, and gets a little heated at times, but have never seen foul language or abuse.

  Picklefactory 15:20 06 Oct 2008

If everyone agreed on everything posted, it would be a very tedious forum indeed. In fact there would be little point in it's existence at all. People will always have varying opinions, but how the debates are conducted is the key to a successful and interesting forum.
Nothing will ever get actioned from the majority of all the opinion generated within this forum, so why a few people get so heated over disagreements here, is beyond me.
I enjoy reading many of the posts here, and attempting to contribute to one or two.
Long may it continue.

  dagbladet 15:30 06 Oct 2008

Anybody else find it a lttle psycophantic at times?

  Picklefactory 15:37 06 Oct 2008

Hang on, I'm just Googling that, I'll be back in a minute.

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