Best of a Bad Bunch?

  morddwyd 10:19 14 Nov 2009

I know that Glasgow is hardly your average marginal, but the fact that Labour actually increased its share of the vote against all parties, even with such a low turnout, does not say much about the opposition (or perhaps it does!).

  morddwyd 16:05 14 Nov 2009

Biggest surprise for me was Tommy Sheridan getting less than 1,000 votes.

I always thought he was as big a darling of Govan as Mick Martin.

I think Salmond's scrapping of the rail link cost him his chance of taking a good bite at Labour.

  ened 16:15 14 Nov 2009

The way people still appear to be feeling about the expenses issue, how can you be sure there will be a bigger than 33% turnout nationwide?

I'm going to vote but I haven't a clue who to vote for - possibly UKIP. I'm certainly not going to vote for the incumbent Tory who has had to pay back a wad and has had the cheek to send out a newsletter praising his own integrity!

  Woolwell 16:52 14 Nov 2009

I think that all it tells us is that Glasgow always votes Labour.

  ened 17:57 14 Nov 2009

All I meant was that the UKIP candidate will be fresh and stands for something in which I believe.

I won't vote Labour or Dimocrat so at least I will be voting constructively.

I return to a comment I made in another thread in that if I had my way every MP would be forced to stand for re-selection. Then at least we would know they have stood up to scrutiny.

  morddwyd 19:23 14 Nov 2009

Two people being interviewed last night; one, female, said she could not conceive of any scenario, or Labour doing anything so bad, that she would not vote Labour.

The other, male, said that he was 75, had voted in every election he was eligible for, had always voted Labour and always would!

Why bother with a campaign?

  Forum Editor 23:10 14 Nov 2009

"....the UKIP candidate will be fresh and stands for something in which I believe."

Do you even know who your UKIP candidate will be? If you don't, you can hardly assert that he or she will stand for something in which you believe, even if that person toes the party line - as far as I know UKIP hasn't published an election manifesto.

One UKIP MEP has been sent to prison for stealing £39,000 and salting it away in a secret bank account, another one was jailed for nine months for benefit fraud a couple of years ago. That's two criminals out of a total of twelve MEPs, and those two are hardly the kind of people you would want to be representing your interests , are they?

All political parties are going to have some rotten apples in the barrel - it's best to keep an open mind on the subject of freshness.

  Snec 09:29 15 Nov 2009

I know one shouldn't tar them all with the same brush but it is difficult to trust any of them.
You know, I often used to wonder why anyone would want to be an MP, it is litterally a thankless job and the pay is not great. But now I know.

Who to vote for? Nulabour has had it and Cameron is too much like Blair. It is impossible, at this stage, for me to even contemplate voting next year at all. And that is a shame.

  bri-an 09:41 15 Nov 2009

I've sometimes wondered if our voting system should be abolished and MP's selected for a term by the same process as jury selection.

You are chosen, no choice unless (as with jury) you have an acceptable excuse.

Couldn't be much worse than the present!

  sunnystaines 09:50 15 Nov 2009

one of the papers summed it up, if a donkey stood for labour in glasgow it would be voted in.

they vote for labour out of tradition without any thinking

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