The best aperatif?

  Newbolt 19:35 30 Dec 2006

has to be a pink gin - G****** gin [no advertising], three drops of Angostara bitters [no more], two ice cubes and a top up with tonic. Is there anything better?

  DrScott 19:37 30 Dec 2006

was the Champagne Rossini I had with my wife on honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast. Fresh crushed strawberries included - marvellous!

  Kate B 19:37 30 Dec 2006

Champagne cocktail. Sugar cube drenched in Angostura bitters, one third brandy, two thirds champagne plus a cherry. Lovely - and incredibly powerful. Have no more than two!

  Newbolt 19:39 30 Dec 2006

Can't even spell it - 'aperitif' - thats better.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:04 30 Dec 2006

Broughtons Dark Beer.


  Kate B 20:08 30 Dec 2006

Mind you, I love a margherita. *misses drinking*

  jay9614 20:09 30 Dec 2006


  Newbolt 20:14 30 Dec 2006

Yep, I have to admit the charms of a margherita. Who on earth thought of lemon juice and salt round the top of the glass? It works though, and lethally deceptive. What a nice refreshing innocuous drink, until you try to stand up after several.

  Dizzy Bob 20:35 30 Dec 2006

Kate B,

Beat me to it,

Cracking start to Christmas morning!


  Al94 20:38 30 Dec 2006

Not an aperitif, but a strong cocktail known as a "Boothill Special" after the old western graveyard! Consists of brandy, port, advocat, vodka and lemonade! Lovely smooth drink, kick like a mule!

  spuds 20:45 30 Dec 2006

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