Bernard Matthews Turkey Ham

  pj123 14:18 27 Apr 2008

Can someone tell me how do you get ham from a turkey?

  belfman 14:25 27 Apr 2008

The same way you get chops from several animals including pigs and lambs.

It's more of a trademark name for the product from them... incidentally it just tastes like packed sandwich ham (made with about 60% Pig) to me except a bit garlicy and more water in it.

  MAT ALAN 14:26 27 Apr 2008

turkey ham reigns supreme over all other sandwich fillings. It is carved from the hide of the mystical “cochon-dinde”, which is reared in the deepest jungles of Indonesia. Fortunately for us mere mortals, Bernard Matthews (in conjunction with the local inhabitants of Sumatra) has bred an entire herd of “cochon-dinde” to fill the shelves in our supermarkets. I for one will be enternally grateful. God bless you Bernard. xxx


Apparently turkey ham can be called such because it is made the same way as pork ham, i.e: it’s the cured and smoked thigh meat of an animal.
Turkey ham therefore needs contains no pork because Ham is a term used simply to define the thigh and buttock of any animal that is slaughtered for meat, it just so happens to generally be restricted to pork products.

The reason is pink is threefold, partly due to the dark thigh meat of turkey, also the fact that the curing process of smoking also gives the meat a pink colour, and crucially that cured meats such as ready to eat ham (both pork and turkey varieties) are generally uncooked.

  Pineman100 14:34 27 Apr 2008

Never was the word "turkey" more aptly used than for this so-called meat.

  belfman 14:35 27 Apr 2008

It's lovely with baked potato and cheese.

  pj123 14:57 27 Apr 2008

Sorry, still not convinced.

belfman, Yes, I agree there are pork chops and lamb chops but I have never heard of turkey chops.

MAT ALAN, not a bad explanation but not sure I can agree with it.

  pj123 15:02 27 Apr 2008

Just found this on Google.

"Ham is the thigh and rump of any animal that is slaughtered for meat."

Turkey is not an animal, it is a bird?

  realist 15:14 27 Apr 2008

Our cat likes it.

  jakimo 15:56 27 Apr 2008

“turkey (60%), water, salt, stabilisers, potato & rice starch, milk protein, dextrose, whey protein, flavouring, antioxidant, acidity regulator, flavouring, preservative, yeast extract, garlic” So that’s what turkey ham is made from.

that`s what is says on the label,so wheres the ham?

  peg 18:13 27 Apr 2008

how come the cat got it was it that bad ? ;-)

  Earthsea 18:20 27 Apr 2008

Birds are animals, are they not?

If you have to give your pet dog/cat medication, cheapie ham is ideal to wrap pills with. I've never used it for much else.

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