Bermuda triangle - aliens ruled out

  Forum Editor 23:19 13 Sep 2009

I always wanted to write that line, and now I can - at least if the latest information is correct. It makes sense to me, anyway.

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  cycoze 23:41 13 Sep 2009

Two down, a load more to go, will have to remember to tune in to the show, sounds interesting.

Watched a documentary a few years ago on Methane hydrates and how bubbles could sink a vessel, also how engines could ignite the gases, add to that other natural occurrences, and human too, most losses should have a rational explanation.

  Forum Editor 23:58 13 Sep 2009

All losses should have a rational explanation, but often the problem is finding it.

  Quickbeam 01:18 14 Sep 2009

The description of the cabin heater is unbelievable, it's as basic as having a couple paraffin heaters stood at either end of the plane!

  zzzz999 04:27 14 Sep 2009

At no stage does that story rule out could still have been pubescent teenage ET's playing with lasers

  morddwyd 07:16 14 Sep 2009

Don't know about the civil side, but petrol fuelled heaters, rather than warm air bleeds from the engines, were still in use in military aircraft until at least the 60s.

The one you've heard me mention before, the Shackleton, had three or four of them.

They simply piped high octane from the wing tanks into the cabin and burnt it in a heater.

They were notoriously unreliable, and frequently blew back, which was a bit spectacular, particularly the crew's responses, or failed altogether.

I have done the Azores/Bermuda run, at night, with three of these going full blast all the way.

  Legolas 08:54 14 Sep 2009

Whereas the explanations for the aircraft disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle are very plausible they are singularly lacking in imagination and lack the interest of a more "whacky" explanation.

I still think it was aliens who have ran out of aircraft on their own planet and have decided to "borrow" some of ours, far more interesting and entertaining.

  WhiteTruckMan 09:30 14 Sep 2009

were so bad that one should be asking the designers 'what the hell were you thinking of?'

Wonder if they went on to become designers of french cars?


  Seth Haniel 11:01 14 Sep 2009

Derren Brown

as cycoze says "Two down, a load more to go"

  Sapins 14:20 14 Sep 2009

Now Now, I have had my Peugeot 406 for over 9 years from new, not one fault apart from the box that controls the air conditioning needed replacing this year. I also have a 1953 Citroen still running beautifully.

  Quickbeam 14:26 14 Sep 2009

Does the '53 Citroen have a paraffin heater in the footwell?

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