Bereavment Payment

  birdface 14:00 03 Oct 2008

Hi.Some thing that really annoys me.On the sad occasion that you or your partner pass away as long as one of you are under the age of 65 you can go down to the local Job Center and apply for a bereavement grant which is £2.000.Now very few folk know that they can do this as it is not a well known fact.Now the problem as I see it is that if both of you are over the age of 65 you do not qualify for the grant.I would have thought that being pensioners that your needs are not any different from those under 65 Yrs.So why have an age limit on this payment.I will point out that this has not happened to me yet.But found out the details when enquireing for a close friend.I hope details on here may help others in the same situation.

  Kevscar1 14:03 03 Oct 2008

I won't tell the wife in case she gets ideas while she's cooking tonight.

  lofty29 14:11 03 Oct 2008

I think you will find out this is the result of a change made some years ago, it used to be given only to a widow, who was then entitled to a widows pension, but the government was taken to court under the equalities law and they had to level the playing field, it ended up with the widow loosing out because the widows pension was only then paid for,I think, five years.

  birdface 15:13 03 Oct 2008

Your secret is safe with me.G.R will let you work that one out yourself.

  birdface 15:18 03 Oct 2008

Thanks for that.It just seemed an unfair ruling that if both of you were 65yrs or over that you were not entitled to it.

  spuds 16:32 03 Oct 2008

This is not an isolated case. There are many 'hidden' grants available for various things. But, and thats a very big but, is a fact of fitting 'the criteria' laid down or regulated to gain such payments.

For a number of years, my elderly neighbours and I use to receive on a regular basis, a government letter suggesting that there was 'unclaimed' money waiting and available. People were just not claiming their rightful dues. Upon checking the neighbours and my own 'entitlements', it was always a case of Catch 22. We were not entitled to anything, that the government wanted us to have.

Perhaps a further point to ponder. Some people might be paying taxes, like on bank savings,trustee and pension payments etc which they need not (solicitors take note!). I was able to assist in claiming back taxes for a neighbour and a relative. And strangely the tax people were very helpful and obliging in reclaiming the returned funds.

  birdface 17:09 03 Oct 2008

No doubt that there will be something out there that I should be claiming for but I am absolutely useless at filling in forms.My pet hate is to be paying almost £90 a month on council tax when you only get £106 a week pension.I know this rather small compared to other parts of the country but still a fair bit to pay.Anyhow that is getting away from the subject a bit.Getting back to the Inland Revenue I to have found them very helpful and polite.I think it may be time I gave them another visit.Nice to contact them face to face and not over the phone.Local Welfare Rights office is great if anyone is looking for help filling forms etc.

  Kevscar1 17:21 03 Oct 2008

I have always found the Inland Revenue to be helpful. Remember they don't work on a commision basis.
When I started self-employed I went and talked to them, the best piece of advise was don't be greedy and we won't notice you.
Everybody claims for more than they should but if it's obvious you will get jumped on.

  hssutton 17:35 03 Oct 2008

"My pet hate is to be paying almost £90 a month on council tax when you only get £106 a week pension.

My brother in Law is on pension and gets a similar amount plus tax credits, bringing his weekly income up to approx £136. Living in a council/housing association bungalow he pays no rent or council tax.

Maybe some form filling is required. Personally I wouldn't call them forms as they are more like books.

  birdface 16:02 04 Oct 2008

Hi.I never mentioned that my wife gets her pension as well.+ she has a small part time job which gets her another £38 a week.If she did not work I think it worked out that we would get a reduction of about £17 a week or month can't quite remember from our council tax.It Pays for her fags I think.

  hssutton 16:28 04 Oct 2008

Much the same position as my wife and I. And strangely enough my wife's a smoker as well

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