Benefits system overhaul to 'make work pay'

  Quickbeam 08:19 11 Nov 2010

click here Hoorah!

Nuff said.

  carver 10:35 11 Nov 2010

So just were are these new jobs coming from, would you tell a 60 year old that just because he happens to be qualified to teach astro physics he can and should take a job at McDonald's.

Other wise he will get no money even though he has worked for 45 years.

Claimants could lose their benefits if they:

1. Refuse a job

2. Fail to apply for a position

3. Fail to turn up for a placement interview.

  john 52 11:17 11 Nov 2010

Give some credit to David Cameron he has started to try and create some new jobs

click here

click here

  Quickbeam 11:25 11 Nov 2010

We all know it's unlikely to get to that extreme example. But it's a step in the much needed right direction to stop those that think the benefits office will just give up and let them live of my hard earned money and begrudged tax take if they show enough apathy.

In reality we're talking about those that knowing do a minimum of work placement with no intention of making the employer want them.

With the threat of 'the sack' from benefits, it's very much 'Welcome to the real world folks!'. This is the environment that those of us that keep our jobs have managed OK in for years... we're managing.

They're talking about 2013/15 as when this is likely to be applied, like the £26,000 benefit cap, this is very overly generous in the time scale. It can start tomorrow morning for me.

  QuizMan 11:26 11 Nov 2010

It is early days to know the full implications and this will not come into force until 2013. The Coalition have always said that the changes were aimed at those living permanently off benefits with no intention of finding a job. This does not include temporarily unemployed astro physicists.

  woody 11:28 11 Nov 2010

There are too many who think some work is "below" them.
There is a lot of work that needs doing in any city/town.
We can not afford to get it done because we pay people to watch TV.
Divide any hand out,for able bodied people,by the min wage.The answer is the num of hours they should work cleaning the streets etc.With the amount we give the non workers we should have the cleanest country in the world instead we have one of the dirtiest in the civilised world.

  peter99co 11:28 11 Nov 2010

please check your facts

A sliding scale of sanctions will see those refusing work on THREE occasions having their benefits taken away for three years.

  Woolwell 11:37 11 Nov 2010

So why should you or I pay through our taxes for your hypothetical astro physicist to do nothing just because he or she refuses to take a lower job.

I know of 2 people (and I'm one of them) who found themselves out of work and found much lower jobs.

What is demeaning about working at McDonalds anyway?

When I went to the Job Centre I had to have a book to show that I had actively looked for jobs in order to get my NI paid. Job Centres are demeaning.

One of the problems in this country is that is quite difficult for males over 50 to get new jobs.

  carver 12:11 11 Nov 2010

Get your facts correct, do any of the 3 and your money is stopped for 3 months and that it has nothing to do with refusing to WORK.

You are I could be out of work and the job center could find you or I a job interview in another town 1 1/2 hour bus journey away, if you say it's to far then that could be enough to have your money stopped for 3 months.

Woolwell, you have hit the nail on the head with your last statement, so why should any person who is out of work be expected to do some thing that a convict cannot be MADE to do.

If there is so much litter on the streets and so much work to be done renovating houses why doesn't this government create the jobs and get people into jobs to do them and pay them a decent wage.

  shellship 12:18 11 Nov 2010

"why doesn't this government create the jobs and get people into jobs to do them and pay them a decent wage". Because it hasn't got any money to do so. As a departing Treasury chap from the last Government said "the till is empty" (or something like that!)

  Woolwell 12:25 11 Nov 2010

"so why should any person who is out of work be expected to do some thing that a convict cannot be MADE to do." Who said that?

Why should your hypothetical astro physicist be paid by you and me (or perhaps not you if you don't pay taxes) to do nothing when there are other jobs that may be available. Perhaps there isn't any demand for more astro-physicists but there is a demand for another job. If he or she continues to look for work and cannot get a job then fine he or she gets benefits.

Why doesn't the government create jobs? Have you heard of the deficit? The deficit and these sort of jobs have to be paid for. Are you happy for your taxes to go up? BTW street cleaning is local government not central government.

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