Belly piercing - Can kill You!

  The Brigadier 12:06 05 Oct 2007

A teenage girl had a miraculous escape when her belly button stud almost pierced through to her spine in a car crash.

Art student Jessica Collins, 19, from Radyr, Cardiff, south Wales, was in a car crash in Munich, Germany, last week.

The 19-year-old's seatbelt was so violently projected into her stomach that it forced her metal navel stud almost through to her spine.

But luck was on her side as a surgeon happened to be in the car behind the one in which she was travelling.

Despite the freak nature of her injuries, he understood the seriousness of the situation and immediately called for an air ambulance.

Meanwhile, an ambulance travelling on the same road arrived on the scene carrying life-saving equipment. She was stabilised before being flown to hospital and operated on within an hour.

Surgeons who fought successfully to save her life later compared her serious internal injuries to a bullet wound.

Jessica's family flew out to Germany last week and her mother Amanda Beadle remains at her daughter's side as she recovers from surgery.

Stepfather Chris Beadle, who is now back in the UK, said: "Fate would have it that there was a paramedic in the car behind and an ambulance already following along the road.

"Even then, had they not been there, I would say that Jess would not be with us now. But it was a very close call. She was being operated on within the hour but it was a three-hour operation.

"The surgeons said that they had never seen anything like it before - they compared her injuries to a gunshot wound.

"The stud had gone through several layers of intestine almost to the spine. When she got out of surgery, she was on life support for 24 hours."

  spuds 14:11 05 Oct 2007

Any type of projectile can kill, if the force is sufficient. Try using something like a magnum, with the bullet possibly hitting a car, especially if the bullet hits a drivers or passenger seat with a wooden insert!!.

Belly and any body piercing have always had a serious risk, due to possible infection, many a GP or casualty department would verify this perhaps.

  Stuartli 14:24 05 Oct 2007

This story is a bit old hat now as it happened last month...:-)

  Diemmess 16:51 05 Oct 2007

Why do folk have body piercing anyway?
To me it is repulsive, but I'm ancient enough to feel that way.

Is it a schizoid wish both for conformity with streetwise friends combined with a need not to stand out as conventional and dull?

I'm saddened by the role models they copy.
In the past such people were either low-life bullies, or ancient tribes in warpaint.

There is not only a real possibility of infection at any time, but I cringe at the thought of accidentally torn ears, lips, tongue, and eyebrow to name only the more obvious mutilations.

  Bingalau 17:15 05 Oct 2007

These rings through the lips must be a health hazard. I wouldn't like to look through a microscope at the hole they go through.

  Weskit 19:05 05 Oct 2007

Some people hadn't heard it, me for one...

  ulrich 19:29 05 Oct 2007

I listened to the story on the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2. She apparently didn't have her seat belt on properly, and it went nowhere near her spine. Another story gone out of control.

  [email protected] 19:44 05 Oct 2007

well i thought that. a seat belt, worn correctly goes over boney areas like the hips and shoulder, if you have it over your belly button i would have thought internal damage is on the cards anyway.

  Brumas 22:27 05 Oct 2007

I agree 100% with you. My nephew, just back from Iraq, has a chest piercing which he obviously cannot wear whilst 'on duty'.
When I first saw it I remarked "Did you have that done in case you get blinding drunk and pass out somewhere to enable them to find you with a metal-detector?"
He couldn't see the funny side of it ;o(

  josie mayhem 23:36 05 Oct 2007

When him up stairs calls (how ever you refer to who him is)times for you is up...

I have 2 friends who both been involved in motorbike accients...

One had a high impact accident and even though he spent 4 months in hospital and didn't return to work for almost 2 years he survived with scaring...

Sadley my other friend, who was just clipped off his motorbike at low speed at less than 20 mph, didn't make it.. His motorbike just looked like it had fallen over a couple of scratches.... He walked away from it.... But died later that day with a ruptured A-alter......

But as my dad belives, the day you are born you have a predetermined amount of times your heart will beat, when you reach this then you sadley your times up....

I did question once the conception of a heart transplant effecting every thing? His answer was that the heart you was born with couldn't accompplish the correct amount, the donner heart previded the amount required.....

Me, well I beleive he has a point....

  spuds 12:40 06 Oct 2007

You are correct in what you say about motorcycle accidents. Isn't the high speed impact that always causes the most harm. Like your friend, I walked away from a very low speed RTI, laughing all the way to the ambulance. A&E found no serious problems, but that diagnosis resulted in three major surgery operations later on. Still not right to this day, in body and soul :O(

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