Belford to Kitzingen - Travel options?

  Brumas 23:32 24 Nov 2008

We have been invited to a wedding in Germany next April and I just wondered what will be the best way to travel over there? Google probably is my friend but that would only present me with a plethora of facts, options and ideas - what I am looking for is a personal preference from a past experience. I like plenty of time to plan ahead!

We are both now over 60 and Fran is disabled in that she can walk with a stick, but not for great distances and I, touch wood am still pretty nimble. We do not have unlimited funds but neither are we on the bread-line so the budget has to be realistic as we plan on staying 2 or 3 nights which will necessitate staying B&B.

I really do NOT fancy driving an estimated 877 miles (even if the price of petrol is getting a little cheaper) as the thought of driving on the right doesn’t really fill my heart with joy, especially through France. I have driven in the United States for two 3-week touring holidays when I was younger and experienced no problem (I suppose because the road signs were in English)

So I appeal to all you seasoned continental travellers for your valued opinions.

  Macscouse 00:18 25 Nov 2008

The long haired one and I motored over that way last May. If you travel by car, it depends where you get the ferry from. With both driving, you could make it in a day. go to Viamichelin to find a comprehensive route map.
The other way is to fly to Frankfurt/Main airport, not Frankfurt/Hahn, and hire a car or use the German Rail, which is very good.
Use the yellow envelope if you wish any more assistance.

  laurie53 09:05 25 Nov 2008

I wouldn't hesitate, drive, and make the journey part of the holiday (we travel with a wheelchair and walking sticks too).

Felixstowe - Zeebrugge and straight across Belgium and Holland.

Good road networks and cheap accommodation round every corner.

If you do drive don't go Harwich to the Hook. The journey from the Hook to the first E route is not for the faint hearted!

Remember that the Dutch think they're the best drivers in the world, and they're probably the worst, the Belgians really are the worst drivers in the world but couldn't care less about it, and the Germans probably are the best in the world, but don't feel they have anything to prove!

Remember, no speed limits on most autobahns, so you can really knock the miles off point to point.

  Quickbeam 09:20 25 Nov 2008

I find it relaxing, interesting views, leisurely compared to the up-tight security drama at airports and if you have plenty of time to plan, you can plan in overnight stops at different towns to make a better holiday of it.

  Brumas 09:26 25 Nov 2008

Macscouse Thanks for the personal experiences although you might regret giving me permission to yellow envelope me if I see problems ahead!
laurie53 Encouraging words but I think I wil take a lot of convincing!

The last time I was in Germany was in the 60s in the Army and I thought the drivers were manic then and I didn't have to drive myself round personally as the Army did that for me, albeit comfort and journey experience were not on top of their priority list ;o)

  Brumas 09:28 25 Nov 2008

Mind reader, having said that, you know that I am an old trainspotter :o) That idea was at the back of my mind when I first promulgated the idea.

  Bingalau 10:19 25 Nov 2008

Brumas, Go by plane... Hire a car ... That's the easy way, you will have no problem with languages as nearly all Germans speak better English than wot I do. (If you know what I mean?) Wash your mouth out before you reply about us Scousers or I will team up with the one in Scotland and we will both "Get you"...

Seriously I always drive over but I am one of these people who love driving. It is far quicker by plane though and if you can use one of the cheap airlines it's cheaper too. (or it was a couple of years ago when I took a gang of fifteen over there. I hope I am not contradicting myself there, Trains are also brilliant in Germany comfortable and always on time. It's a lovely country and you should go there more often.... But make sure you are back by Fridays for our comp or we will all get withdrawal symptoms.

  Picklefactory 11:40 25 Nov 2008

Air Berlin are very good, from experience. They go from Manchester into Paderborn which is small but very efficient, and also a very pleasant airport, about 2¾hrs drive from Kitzingen and they are usually very reasonably priced.
Driving in Germany is really quite easy, especially the motorways, they do not hog lanes as we do here, in my experience and you can also get some good deals for hire cars.
Do you have Sat Nav? If you do, I've also used mine abroad very successfully. In fact you can add Sat Nav as an option in the car hire.

  Picklefactory 11:46 25 Nov 2008

Hmm, only just realised how far Manchester is from you. Might not be such a good option after all.

  Brumas 14:11 25 Nov 2008

No, it will just like a second honeymoon - unless Bingalau offers to take us in his new motor home (when he gets it) :o)

  Brumas 14:13 25 Nov 2008

I do not have a satnav but what you propose sounds very practical and I shall bear it in mind,thanks.

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