Is being gay really so acceptable now?

  De Marcus™ 00:48 02 Aug 2007

6:45pm today, I found myself shielding my 4 year olds eyes against the viewing that was available on C4. This was being broadcast at a time which I feel uncomfortable with, for children's viewing at leat (before 7pm). I asked my daughter to recite the alphabet which brought her full attention to me, therefore diverting her attention away from said program despite my wife's addiction to it. Despite my actions she asked why two boys were 'naked' together. I fumbled together an answer which would probably make it through the PC courts but I was less than happy that I'd had to explain such a complex subject to my child much, much earlier than I'd would have expected it from my own parents. My Four year old now knows the difference betwen a heterosexual and a homosexual, which, whilst astonishing at her age, dissappoints me immensly.

  Forum Editor 01:02 02 Aug 2007

what programme you're talking about, or the context in which the references to homosexuals was made. That makes it difficult to comment in much detail, but in general terms I find it astonishing that you should be so outraged, simply because your four-year-old knows that there are homosexuals in the world.

You talk as if some horrible, irreversible psychological damage will occur as a result, but of course it won't unless you make a big thing of it. Children should grow up knowing about these things, and knowing about them in a relaxed and open fashion, rather than having their ears and eyes covered at the mere mention of homosexuality. Better to have a suitably simplified explanation from your own father, rather than pick up a playground version from another child.

Is being gay really so acceptable now?

I'm frankly astonished that you ask - of course it's acceptable, why should it be otherwise? What would your attitude be if your daughter told you she was gay herself in the years to come?

  mrwoowoo 01:15 02 Aug 2007

I too would feel uncomfortable watching two gay men on tv with my two sons watching' and don't feel it to be appropriate before the 9 o clock watershed.
Personally,if i see two men kissing on tv i have to look away as it makes me feel quite queezy.
Strangely two women don't bother me at all,but i think a lot of men are of the same opinion.
"Is being gay really so acceptable now"? I think so to an extent. At work,a couple of my collegues are gay,and i don't see or treat them any different to anyone else.They are great lads, and i take people as i find them,as their sexual preference is no concern of mine.
One thing i do really dislike come to think of it is the highly effeminate comically false voice that some homosexuals feel necessary to inflict on us.They were not born with it so why do they need to change it.
I also hate the false over the top posh voice that some people do as well,when i know they were born on a council estate but married into money.
I have no problem with genuine well bred voices or accents,or naturally effeminate voices,but i hate falsehood.

  Si_L 01:21 02 Aug 2007

I'm with FE on this one. I am only a young-un myself, so I probably don't have such a strong say as I don't have any kids of my own.

I think you are making a bit too much of a big deal over this, you are right that C4 should not being showing that material at 7pm, but she is going to learn it all in a few years at school anyway, I would say better she sees it with you and you can (truthfully!) explain it to her, or she can go to school and pick up odd bits of information an be confused about it and not want to ask anyone, and it will just fuel her curiosity.

Be straight (sorry, that should be re-phrased... open) with her about it, parents shouldn't try to cover their children's ears when the facts of life are concerned.

  rdave13 01:25 02 Aug 2007

A difficult one this one. At that time of day I think adult features should not be broadcasted under any circumstances. May be a complaint to the relevant authorities may be in order.

Personally I , umm..disagree with homosexuality as it doesn't feel right. Just a natural feeling within my self. That's just my personal thoughts though.
If we were all of that inclination then the human race would soon be extinct and the carbon footprint would be 100%...:))

Seriously I think that in today's age children must grow up faster to the knowledge that there are different sexual inclinations of different people and that they must defend themselves while our backs are turned even for a few seconds.
May be it's for the better as you are there for the child, however uncomfortable, but able to explain the ways of the world to her. It's called parenthood.

  Forum Editor 01:27 02 Aug 2007

because I have no idea what was screened - I'm in New York, and I haven't heard or read anything about this.

It occurs to me to ask the obvious question, though - if the content of this programme was so contentious, would it not have been simple enough to just turn it off? Nobody forced anyone to watch a programme about gay men when a young chiuld was in the room, did they?

  rdave13 01:32 02 Aug 2007

Just a reaction that I would have made many years ago. I think that as one gets older reaction seems to wait for thought before replying. That goes for the thread publisher and editorial reply.

  Forum Editor 01:38 02 Aug 2007

I'm sorry, but I haven't a clue what you're talking about.

"as one gets older reaction seems to wait for thought before replying"

Is that another way of saying 'pause for thought before posting'? If it is, I thoroughly endorse the sentiment, but you don't have to wait to get older to learn that lesson.

  Chegs ®™ 01:38 02 Aug 2007

In answer to your thread title,its yes.

As far as shielding children so young from it,I dont see any harm letting them see same sex actors kissing on the soaps,etc.It reduces prejudice if children learn from an early age that such things do exist.

  mrwoowoo 01:44 02 Aug 2007

kissing yes,but as De Marcus said they were naked,which is the real issue.

  rdave13 01:46 02 Aug 2007

I agree to an extent. It just seems you are attacking De Marcus™'s post for some reason.
It's a reasonable post and I agree with him that at that time of morning why should somebody be caught unawares and try to protect an offspring from hearing adult problems aired at that time.
I believe that even Sky's soft porn channels don't transmit at that time.

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