Beggars belief ‘why oh why’

  Blackhat 00:06 26 Feb 2008

‘Giving prisoners their own showers has forced up the government's carbon dioxide emissions, official statistics have shown.
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Who on earth sanctioned this report, paid for with our taxes? What is its purpose? Why is it a news story? Does this really effect global warming/climate change? I am lost for words now.

  robgf 01:07 26 Feb 2008

I would imagine that the increase is due to the extra construction work required for individual showers, rather than the actual use of the showers. Unless the prisoners are usually very friendly in the communal showers. (don't bend over to get the soap)

The report does seem to be rather a waste of time and effort, as I would have thought it was obvious.

I find it rather amusing, a cell with en-suite shower. We are spoiling these prisoners, they wont want to come out.

  jack 08:36 26 Feb 2008

The simple answer to this is self evident, especially if you pay attention to the start sequence of BBC news and the number of people sent to cover same event for different news bulletins

Too many Journo's and not enough for them to do.
That's is the main source of this type of reporting.

  interzone55 08:51 26 Feb 2008

"I find it rather amusing, a cell with en-suite shower. We are spoiling these prisoners, they wont want to come out."

Well that's OK then, if they don't come out they won't re-offend. Problem solved.

I find it interesting that it would be cheaper housing prisoners in a Travelodge - then they would all have en suite showers & TVs. But then again the food in the average Travelodge is probably worse than prison food...

  oresome 11:05 26 Feb 2008

The average Travelodge doesn't serve food, but you do get a key for the front door..........something you don't get in prison.

  interzone55 12:26 26 Feb 2008

Every travelodge does something that they refer to as breakfast.

The last one I went to had a dodgy access control system so I had to have the room access card reprogrammed every time I wanted to get in my room, so strictly speaking I didn't have a key for the door much of the time, but i take your point...

  Quickbeam 12:45 26 Feb 2008

You should all know my opinion on the treatment of serious offenders... click here

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