charmingman 19:58 27 Apr 2007

so whats your beverage...?
this is purely Curiosity...
i love Guinness..or wine...maybe the Occasional Jim Bean or Johnnie Walker if ive got the time have a lovely Courvoisier....if its near end of month thenn its Larger..hehe

  Jak_1 20:02 27 Apr 2007

Beer in the pub, red wine at home and occasionally a good dark rum (not the cooking rum found in pubs)or a gin & frollick.

  Bingalau 20:19 27 Apr 2007

I think we have been through this before. But I will take this opportunity to once more advertise my favourite tipple. "Dark and Stormy" I like it best made with "Pussers Rum" and a good strong "Ginger Beer" either Jamaican Ginger Beer or Fentimans.
If you are going on the golf course in the winter then you will find a quick dose of this every other hole, bucks you up a treat and of course you have the added advantage of not knowing whether you have had a good score or otherwise... If you are teetotal then may I recommend a flask full of hot Bovril with a teaspoonful of pepper to warm you up every now and again.

  georgemac © 20:23 27 Apr 2007

I like red wine a lot

other tipple is pint of lager and bacardi and coke

for a change like southern comfort and lemonade or Remy Martin VSOP cognac - in moderation

  TOPCAT® 20:49 27 Apr 2007

My tipple is whisky, preferably a well-aged single malt whisky. No special favourite as all hit my palate with equal pleasure.

I just happen to have a fair measure by the side of me right now. Slangevar! (Good health!) TC.

  interzone55 21:02 27 Apr 2007

In pubs my favourite tipple would have to be Timothy Taylors Landlord, followed by Guinness.

At home I like a nice glass or three of Rioja and to round off an evening there's nothing better than a glass of cask strength Ardbeg or Laphroig.

  montyman 21:32 27 Apr 2007

ive tried foreign beers there amazing & i dont mean the likes of carlsberg ect i mean proper home made brews from the like of Antwerp ..u cant beat em..yum yum

  Ranger 21:34 27 Apr 2007

Mostly Lager but will have a Malt whisky, preferably a peaty one like Laphroig

a bottle of bitter lemon in a pint glass topped up with soda water and ice :(
it's very refreshing though :)
christmas, birthdays not a problem for me, but christ it's hard being a recovering alcoholic in the summertime, on hot sunny days i miss having a stella in a beer garden, problem was i always had to be carried out, after cashing cheques buying the whole pub drinks, upsetting the vast majority of the known universe and making myself violently ill!
oh happy days!:(
enjoy the sun and beer gardens, in moderation of course,')

  Bingalau 22:36 27 Apr 2007

adman 2. Well done, my deep admiration and please keep it up. I count myself as very lucky to have escaped becoming an alcoholic myself. I came pretty near to it at one stage when I was pub managing. I sometimes enjoy a nice tall glass of home made lemonade too. It takes me back to my childhood days, when mum used to chase us down the local park for the day, with a bottle of sugared water and a few jam butties.

well, it's been quite a while now, but i still crave like crazy for about 10 minutes every hour or so, and in this time, i swear everythought i have ever had races round my head only lasts a couple of seconds, but concerns anyone in my company. but i was 39 this month and i had my family called to my bedside to wish me off when i was 36, a doctor has told me there are no records from someone surviving pancreatitus as many times as i had it, and i just passed my medical and was told im in good (ish) shape.
as i stated drinking very young in life some of my organs developed incorrectly. so i have regular checks/ scans for rogue cells every month.
i also have what my doc calls sudo diabetes, im allowed no sugar at all (3 mars bars a day, every day, between you and me!)
so things are pretty good i guess, i still dont go out too much, spend most of any free time i get bolting bits onto my pc, keeps me out of trouble, but i interviewed a man of my age yesterday, and questioned him on his social life, and realised my social life is very much on hold! one step at a time i suppose.

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