Is beer more important than a child?

  MrCutter 15:55 13 May 2008

Sadly for one person it seems it is!

And of course it could only be in the Country where they dont give a xxxx about it.

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  Cymro. 16:09 13 May 2008

That`s the Aussies for you, the Brits. would say that their pet animals are the most important.

  peter99co 20:19 13 May 2008

If he had put the beer on the floor of the car it would kept cooler. Perhap's they were trying to keep the child in a cool place.

  dukeboxhero 20:40 13 May 2008

maybe hes a fosters parent

  laurie53 23:01 13 May 2008

As a confirmed infantaphobe (is there such a word?) and beerophile I find his actions entirely reasonable!

  peter99co 23:06 13 May 2008

This is more like a british boozer

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  Quickbeam 01:06 14 May 2008


  mrwoowoo 02:34 14 May 2008

Sadly,yes,to some people.
Many a time i have seen an interview on the tv involving a parent or parents on benefit.
"I/we can't afford to feed or clothe my children they cry",with a bottle of beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other.
Give up your drink and fags you morons,then you can.

  Bingalau 13:50 14 May 2008

peter99co. I wonder what they would have given my wife when she left our eldest outside Woolworths when she was shopping and then came out and caught the bus home. leaving the pram and baby outside. When she got home her mother said "Where's the baby?" After the mad panic we got to Woolworths to find the pram and baby still in the same place. It's now a family joke that wishes she had not gone back for him.

mrwoowoo. We have often commented on the same thing you mention, the fact that they can afford fags and booze but can't afford to look after their children. With the price of cigarettes these days they could run a nursery.

  peter99co 17:06 14 May 2008

That must have been in the days when children could come and go in safety. People used to leave prams outside shops all the time. You would come out and find somebody coo-cooing at your little innocent bady. These times seem long gone,they would have the wheels off the pram these days,the baby being snatched away just after you had entered the shop. At least your wife was sober and using a bus. This idiot was over the limit in a big way and exposing other small children to danger. Did they put their safety belts on or did he check they had, I don't think so.I like a drink my-self but these people must have addled brains. It is no wonder we have mini terrors running around when the parents set such a bad example. Rant over! Thank goodness your wife made the mistake when she did. I have heard more than once of children being whisked off from bus stops and railway platforms by enthusiastic drivers when mothers have bags and pushchairs to attend to.

  Bingalau 18:21 14 May 2008

Yes I know that people have left their cars outside a shop for a couple of minutes and come back to find the car gone and with it the baby..

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