Becoming a Computer Engineer

  LONG1 14:37 20 Mar 2005

Having recently been thinking of becoming a computer engineer, I came across a web site called National BTEC COMPUTER ENGINEERING, they have several free downloads all about building your own computer and configuring cmos,and bios settings as well installing windows xp with an assessment at the end. Does anyone know how genuine it and is it a waste of money please help. Thanks Gary

  pj123 15:00 20 Mar 2005

Whether it is a waste of money depends on how much it is?

You say they have several free downloads, no waste of money there then.

Give us a link?

  bremner 15:10 20 Mar 2005

BTEC is a Nationally recognised qualification click here

Whether getting the qualification will enable you to get a job is a different matter though.

  pj123 15:17 20 Mar 2005

bremner, he didn't say that. He said you get an "assessment" at the end not a "qualification".

Maybe that's the clue, but without a link to the site he is looking at how can we answer?

  bremner 15:28 20 Mar 2005

Might be this one then click here

  bremner 15:35 20 Mar 2005

Having had a look at the site I found this:

"When you have achieved 85% or above in your coursework you will be required to register with EDEXCEL. EDEXCEL are the awarding body and to receive any official certification a candidate must be registered at a cost of £59. Your tutor can do this for you when you are ready.

When registered you will need to sit your final assessments. Final assessments are held regularly at various venues around the country. You tutor will help find a suitable date and venue. An assessment is usually booked at least 2 weeks before to give suitable revision time. You will also be given a mock exam by your tutor.
The final assessment consists of three 1 hour written exams to be completed under exam conditions. The total cost of this is between £45 and £89, depending on the venue. This must be paid in advance, however can be paid in installments.

Should you score an overall of 85% or above you shall receive Official BTEC Certification.

The exams can be re-sat as many times as necessary until the pass mark is reached. A Credit or distinction can only be achieved at the first sitting."

Seems to me you may be better off undertaking a pucker BTEC course at a college.

  fitcher 11:34 25 Mar 2005

within a couple of years, computers will be solid state ,remember the wireless technicians ,so forget it ,every tom dick and harry maul about with computers ,,just like they did with radios at one time .and the tv remember how much it cost for a tecnician to repair a tv in the early days .schools had courses everywhere . .after making computers .from the early days ,I am sad to say all the info I collected in my note books is worthless .sorry,hope.. I do not discourage you,

  fitcher 11:35 25 Mar 2005

another bit of advice go in for being a plumber

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