Beckham a Knighthood?

  ulrich 19:55 31 May 2007

I caught something that some plot had been made to stop David Beckham a knighthood because he had moved to America. What has he done to deserve a knighthood. I am interested to the replies to this one.

  Kate B 20:05 31 May 2007

Um, well, how about his distinguished footballing career, his work with young kids and his football academy? click here For starters. I think he's a good role model, his affair with Rebecca Loos notwithstanding. I don't particularly want to hang out with him, but I admire a lot of what he's done.

  rezeeg 20:09 31 May 2007

I agree with Kate Bs reply. He's more worthy than a lot of other 'Sirs'.

  Bingalau 20:25 31 May 2007

Perhaps there should be a minimum age to be made a knight? After all he's only a young lad still. I agree that he's a lot more worthy than a lot of "sirs".

  VoG II 20:29 31 May 2007

Despite many years of continuous support to the British gin industry I still haven't received my knighthood. But I'm not jealous and I think that Becks richly deserves one.

P.S. I am not a fan of football but I have heard of him ;o)

  Kate B 20:30 31 May 2007

Beckham is 32.

  oresome 20:52 31 May 2007

As Bingalau said, he's nobut a lad.

It would make a nice finish to the peak of his footballing career. Good luck to him.

PS Does it make Victoria a Lady?

  Kate B 20:55 31 May 2007

Yes - *sigh* I'm afraid my admiration for Beckham doesn't stretch as far as his wife.

  Mac70 21:03 31 May 2007

Is it just me or has the whole concept of a knighthood disappeared? Originally they were for men who fought bravely defending their king.
Kicking a football doesnt seem to be the same thing.
Anyway, Ive never thought that much of Beckham, especially after Roberto Carlos had him stuck in the right-back position all evening making him look stupid a few years back.
The media hyped him up too much.

  ulrich 21:33 31 May 2007

I am sorry but a lot of other people have had distinguished careers and not earned millions for kicking a football. I think the people who do the London Marathon for charity do more and not for their own or their wives benefit. Sorry but overpaid footballers do not do anything for me. If he had a personality would help.

  ulrich 21:34 31 May 2007

Two short planks spring to mind.

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