Bear Pit

  ezypcy 16:04 27 Mar 2006

After reading some of the threads this weekend I concluded that some members like to provoke and prod a little.While'st others take humbrage or get upset.
So I thought,how many would like to see a section called 'Bear Corner'? Obviously,this section would be refereed by the FE,with everyone playing to the existing rules. But,without the squeamish ,moaners nor the extream pc brigade taking part.
What do you all think? It might be fun.

  SG Atlantis® 16:32 27 Mar 2006

If slabbering is what's on the cards there's plenty of that on yahoo chat and msn. Two places I never go.

  spikeychris 16:33 27 Mar 2006
  Mr Mistoffelees 17:13 27 Mar 2006


  Totally-braindead 17:37 27 Mar 2006

ezypcy its not really a good idea, you'd end up with constant argueing and name calling etc. The FE would have to spend all his time in there and even then it would still degrade into a slanging match.

Its better the way it is.

  spuds 17:46 27 Mar 2006

We once had a Bear Pit/Bear Corner. It was called the 'Lounge' :0)

  Forum Editor 18:42 27 Mar 2006

I think we'll pass this time around, mainly for the reasons already mentioned. I have enough to do as it is, without having a daily slanging match on my hands, and that's what would undoubtedly happen.

It's impossible to run a public-access web forum and at the same time expect that everyone will behave impeccably. Our membership consists of people of both sexes, of all age groups, and from all walks of life; their ideas of what constitutes acceptable behaviour may not coincide with mine, or yours. The lack of feedback in terms of body language, inflexion of speech, and facial expression means that the potential for misunderstanding is accentuated, and conflict is never too far away.

That's why we tend to enforce a fairly strict code of conduct; doing so means that we stop a lot of the problems before they arise, and we'll keep it that way, I think. Nothing is forever, as they say, and we're constantly reviewing our forum policies, but for the forseeable future we're not planning any open discussion forums.

  hzhzhz 18:57 27 Mar 2006

The Forum is ok as it is as far as I am concerned. We dont need a Bear Pit or any other sort of pit.Life is not perfect and neither are people.Arguments, hot tempers and provacation will always be around. Once anger is vented then all goes back to normal. Some people would like the world to be such a cutsie cuddly place. Well, you are not getting it. A lot of people pass through these forums and to expect it to function without the odd hitch is asking a bit much, isn't it.

  ezypcy 19:25 27 Mar 2006

Thanks all.
Sounds like 'Kitten Corner' it is

  keith-236134 19:30 27 Mar 2006

I used to go into a "insult room" on Yahoo before they closed down thier chat rooms, that was a real laugh, you could say what you like, no anal retentive geeks on there.

  ade.h 19:37 27 Mar 2006

What has become apparent here recently is that some people seem to actively dislike people who agree with others, stand up for others, or otherwise be nice.

Why is this? When did it become a negative thing, a weakness, to act this way?

And when did it become acceptable to infer that this forum has "anally retentive geeks"?

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