BE Warned! Phone Charger kills three!

  Uboat 07:54 30 Dec 2010

This has only just been released today (30/12/10)
Three children died from this & the mother is still in intensive care with critical injuries! it was/still is Headline news here..

I thought i would share this with you all because most of us at some time leave chargers on & here is a perfect example yo show people in your families that do constantly!

click here

  Quickbeam 08:02 30 Dec 2010

I've just looked under my desk and there are several transformer type devices plugged in, and have been for months. I might consider one of those power savers now.

  octal 08:16 30 Dec 2010

A power saver is still an electrical device, it is still better to unplug when its not in use.

  Quickbeam 09:03 30 Dec 2010

But in reality we don't unplug devices after every use. The power savers are designed to be plugged in all the time.

Am I right in thinking that the power savers will work OK with chargers? All the info I've seen mentions automatic use when used with devices being activated via the remote control of the device, so I assume that a charger kicking in and off at full charge should work the same way???

  karmgord 09:56 30 Dec 2010

You have to accept the risk otherwise turning the electricity off at the mains is the only safe answer because dect phones routers etc have similar chargers ,clock radios etc have them internally.Several good smoke alarms, extinguishers and an escape plan is what you need

  Forum Editor 10:21 30 Dec 2010

The Fire service has issued a statement which says:

"The investigation into the cause of the fire is still ongoing and we anticipate it will be completed early in the new year. At this stage it is not possible to speculate what the cause may have been."

The charger may well have been the cause, but before posting dramatic thread titles it might be better to wait for the facts to be confirmed.

  morddwyd 10:24 30 Dec 2010

"A spokesperson for the (fire) service said: "The investigation into the cause of the fire is still ongoing"

Let's not jump tp to conclusions.

It might have been a "China special" which are well known for being dangerous.

  Forum Editor 10:31 30 Dec 2010

Power savers will work with chargers, but they won't do anything to minimise the risk of the charger overheating and causing a fire - that's not what they're designed to do.

Chargers are transformers, that's why they run hot when under load, and s faulty, damaged, or badly manufactured transformer can easily overheat and start a fire. The fact is that it's a very rare event. Millions of chargers are in use every day, and as far as I'm aware it's very rare for one to start a house fire.

  LLF 10:36 30 Dec 2010

I don't unplug any electrical equipment.

I just turn it off at the socket.

  Quickbeam 11:07 30 Dec 2010

Am I wrong in thinking that the charger will run cooler when the charging cycle is finished and the power saver senses no more power is required? The 4 that are under my desk are permanently warm by being plugged in all the time.

  johndrew 11:08 30 Dec 2010

Well at least it stops the electricity running all over the floor :-))

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