Be very wary of your Bank's Auto-teller

  wee eddie 14:58 22 Dec 2010

I'm a Taxi Driver, I drive at night and it's mostly Pubers and Clubers that I carry. So every Note is checked with one of those Special Pens.

Today, when I used the Auto-teller to do my bi-weekly Pay-in, it told me that one of the Notes was Fraudulent and that it was retaining it.

Now, either I had a faulty Pen, or the Auto-teller was faulty. Either way, I needed to know.

Initially the Bank were unwilling to allow me to examine the Note, giving a number of reasons. However, I persisted and a little over 10 minutes later, a bloke came round the corner, presented his apologies and said that the Note was not a Fake and here it was. Thank you very much, he said, but occasionally, if a Note had become damp, the Auto-teller considered that it was fraudulent

Now forgive me for saying this but, had I not stood my ground, would I have seen that £20.00 again. I ha'e me dooots!

  Monoux 15:09 22 Dec 2010

wee eddie -- the bankers bonus's have to be paid for somehow -- :o)

  spuds 17:13 22 Dec 2010

I once had a problem with an ATM outside Asda. I made two attempts to obtain money, and on each occasion the machine issued a printed-out statement, but no money. Asda didn't want to know, so I took it up with the bank, a short time later.

After making a few checks the bank was aware as to what had happened, and my account had not actually been debited.Thinking that you might be £200.00 down, brought on a few sweats that day.

  ams4127 22:12 22 Dec 2010

Speaking to my daughter who works in a well known high street bank, she told me that in the last 24 hours the ATM outside the front door of said bank had dispensed £43,000.

I didn't know they held that much!

  Forum Editor 23:31 22 Dec 2010

and occasionally it will make a mistake. It shouldn't happen but it does, although it makes far fewer mistakes than human beings.

  Forum Editor 23:34 22 Dec 2010

The ATMs work on a cassette system - the notes are prepacked into the cassettes, and how much goes in depends on the note values.

A cassette might hold 2500 banknotes, so if they're £20 notes there will be £50,000 available to dispense.

Not all machines are filled to capacity, it depends on the insurance cover.

  sunnystaines 08:41 23 Dec 2010

those Special Pens can be fooled with a certain hairspray applied to the notes.

  Legolas 09:00 23 Dec 2010

I suppose if the note is damp then the machine thinks you have just made it ;))

  interzone55 10:31 23 Dec 2010

I was in HSBC the other day and someone had inserted a slightly creased cheque which jammed the machine so someone had to open it up to remove the cheque.

Now that was a seriously complex machine with many belts and scanners and printers. I really can't imagine that a wall full of those machines is any cheaper than a counter full of staff, and they're definitely no quicker...

  johndrew 11:31 23 Dec 2010

I have many reasons for not trusting these machines (or at times others around them), this is yet another to add to my list.

And I am sure the FE and some of you will tell me I'm wrong - well if I am I'm on the safe side of wrong.

  Forum Editor 11:45 23 Dec 2010

ATM's have been in use for many years, and are extremely reliable - far more reliable than humans.

On average we withdraw £20 million in cash from ATMs every hour of every day in the UK. That means billions of transactions a year, and almost all of them go without a hitch.

The banks' automated systems process around 1.5 million transactions every hour, and almost all of them are trouble-free as well.

The human elements in the banking system are by far the least reliable links in tha chain. I vitually never enter a bank branch - all my banking is via the internet and ATMs all over the UK, Europe and beyond. I can't remember when there was last an error of any description.

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