BBC's Thompson defends expenses

  peter99co 11:19 26 Jun 2009

The claims included luxury hotels, vintage champagne, parties and a private aeroplane.

27 BBC executives earned more than the prime minister's £195,000 salary - led by Mr Thompson on £647,000-a-year.
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Mr Thompson also defended the £2,236.90 of public money he claimed to fly his family back from a holiday in Italy, when he returned to deal with the Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross radio scandal.
"I took the car, drove 150 miles to the airport, abandoning my family without a car in a hotel in Sicily. I think, rather understandably, they felt that, given the circumstances, they should come back too

Maybe he could not afford the Flight home for them but he could have sent the bill to J Ross and company!

  interzone55 12:18 26 Jun 2009

If an emergency at work requires you to cut short your holiday then you should be entitled to reimbursment.

Due to the circustances, it was a travelling holiday and he had to take the car, his whole family had to come back. I think that's a valid claim, and the BBC auditors seem to agree.

Other claims are maybe not so valid, and the mindset that feels it's OK to claim 19p for mileage needs to be addressed. How much did it cost to process that tiny claim...

  dagnammit 12:34 26 Jun 2009

I hate the BBC. Been months and months since I last watched a show on it... and frankly £142.50 for them is ridiculous. It is the only thing I begrudge paying out for. It's not value for money.

  jakimo 12:46 26 Jun 2009

The Ross\Brand affair was a scandal,but hardly an emergency,as the damage had already been done, so coudnt whoever was deputising for Mr Thompson deal with the matter?

if not,why not?

  interzone55 13:07 26 Jun 2009

The BBC doesn't have to pander to the whims of advertisers, so is free to make programs to don't have to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

I can't think of a single program worth watching on ITV, and Channel 4 only produces one program I watch.

In fact I'm thinking of deleting all but 1,2,5,10,14,15,19,31 from my digi-box

  Stuartli 14:21 26 Jun 2009

Still remarkable value for money in view of the various TV channels (it's not just BBC1 and 2!), radio stations, superb website and the fact that the TV licence also entitles you to actually receive television signals in your home.

I'm not defending any excessive expenses claims which may have been made by some BBC bosses but, as always, if there is a chance to abuse a system there will be a number who are all too willing to do so.

  Stuartli 14:23 26 Jun 2009

I'm also in agreement that the DG shouldn't be out of pocket because he had to return early from holiday due to the appalling Brand/Ross episode.

  Bingalau 14:38 26 Jun 2009

Just heard that Jonathon Ross has been arrested for stealing an article of kitchen equipment from a store. He said "It was a whisk I was prepared to take".....

I will now go and do a bit of gardening until you all stop groaning.

  dagnammit 16:39 26 Jun 2009

So I must in the lowest common denominator because I don't like what the BBC offers?

Jonathon Ross typifies the BBC for me... too much money, complacency and sheer arrogance.

Let let them fend for themselves.

Stuartli the fact that I own a television and aerial should be what entitles me to decode the signals that are broadcast.

How about the BBC is sold off and the TV license kept by Government. I'd be happier with that... least then the money might go to the NHS, Education or even to pay off the nations debts.

  dagnammit 16:39 26 Jun 2009

Made me laugh. Good one. :)

  interzone55 17:16 26 Jun 2009

Look at the price of TV licences around the rest of Europe, then look at the quality of European TV. Then decide if the BBC is good value for money

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I didn't say you were the lowest common denominator - just that's what most of the output of commercial TV is aimed at...

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