BBC1 Spooks

  The Brigadier 16:59 13 Nov 2008

Spooks seem to be very up on recent events.
The show seems to go from strength to strength.
They kill off one character and someone slips in easily to a new part.
And the underlying story of course on who is the KGB mole.

Will not spoil it for those yet to see next weeks episode.

  Forum Editor 18:47 13 Nov 2008

of an excellent programme now being milked for all it's worth - it's a shadow of its former self in terms of writing quality, and as for those way over the top plot-lines...

  lofty29 19:24 13 Nov 2008

I will agree that the plots lines are getting a bit over the top, but it still gives a hell of a lot of enjoyment. Let us face it 007 is hardly realistic.
The Brigadier
Ah but how do you know that that is the real truth, or might it change further on.

  Switcher 11:35 25 Nov 2008

Why don't the baddies do their stuff at night since MI5 appear to have only 6 staff and they only work on days.

  Pine Man 13:54 25 Nov 2008

It's so good that last week twice as many people watched the 'jungle' than did spooks;-)

  Forum Editor 16:11 25 Nov 2008

that I'm surprised it gets an audience at all. Ludicrous plot-lines, acting that's way over the top, and technology that only exists in the minds of the props people.

As I said earlier - a decent concept that's now being milked for all it's worth, which isn't much.

  Chegs ®™ 17:34 25 Nov 2008

Awww,& I've never watched any of the latest series.

  laurie53 20:19 25 Nov 2008

For me the plot must at least be conceivable, if not believable.

I stopped watching when they became pure fantasy.

  jakimo 20:43 25 Nov 2008

Why did you have to spoil it all and say that! I thought it was for real!!!!

  dukeboxhero 21:27 25 Nov 2008

Im still a fan of spooks but i feel now if Jack Bower from 24 or Jason Bourne showed up in the new series they wouldnt be out of place,
The older series somtimes had me thinking how did the writers get away with that? It was a bit to real at times, but i will still watch it as its better than most of the dross thats classed as entertainment on tv.

  Forum Editor 23:50 25 Nov 2008

The way to watch programmes like Spooks is to suspend your disbelief. Then you can sit back and be entertained by it.

Just don't allow yourself to be fooled into thinking that it is anything like the real thing.

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