bbc weathersite crashed

  finerty 09:26 16 Jun 2013

bbc webite

cant make or tail of any information

  Chronos the 2nd 09:58 16 Jun 2013

When I want to know what the weather is like, I just look out the bedroom window.

In my experience and particularly over the last winter the forecasters were wrong more times than they were right. I was sick and tired of being told that we were about to covered in a great amount of snow,(Edinburgh) only for a handful of flakes to make a sorry appearance.

So window for me.

  Quickbeam 10:11 16 Jun 2013

I knew there would be a logical reason for the lousy summers that we've been having.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:09 16 Jun 2013

Looked on three different sites yesterday for a forecast for today at the 2Download festival" at Castle Donnington.

All were different but forecasting rain light showers / Heavy Showers / persistent rain all day.

At the moment its bright and sunny :0)

  john bunyan 11:30 16 Jun 2013

I use the met office web site; you can customise it to where you are and the 5 day forecasts are usually very accurate. See

met office

  Nontek 12:18 16 Jun 2013

Why do you say the site has crashed? Working fine for me.

  Woolwell 14:23 16 Jun 2013

I think it is your system. I cannot find anything wrong with the BBC site.

  Aitchbee 17:09 16 Jun 2013

I must admit that I do constantly check and rely on the aforementioned BBC weather website [night and day] in case I have to move any of my tall potted-plants to a lower position or into a more sheltered spot. Any [forecasted] southerly or northerly winds of more than 25 m.p.h. will trigger an immediate response. [It's sad but it's true] :o]

  Forum Editor 22:29 16 Jun 2013

Chronos the 2nd

"In my experience and particularly over the last winter the forecasters were wrong more times than they were right."

The UK Met office is consistently one of the top two operational weather services in the world.

For the year 2010/2011 90% of maximum daily temperature forecasts were correct within +/- 2 degrees. 82% of minimum temperature forecasts were correct within +/- 2 degrees.

Weather forecast accuracy has consistently improved, year by year since 1980, and is now almost three times as accurate as it was then. The big problem for the Met office, as for all other weather services, is in making long-range forecasts. That's where the margins if error become much larger, and the chances of being wrong increase. Some people at the Met office believe they should stop issuing long-range forecasts, and stick to what they do well - providing very accurate 24 and 48 hour forecasts, with predictions for up to five days ahead. Their performance record is very good over those periods.

  Quickbeam 08:22 17 Jun 2013

The weather has now been repaired by Lord Beaverbrook...

  john bunyan 11:28 17 Jun 2013

Forum Editor

You are quite right re the Met Office accuracy. I had a very good friend who sadly was killed in a fishing accident in Canada a couple of years ago who rose to be the Principal of the Met Office college, was the DEFRA advisor on climate change and a Chartered Meteorologist. He said if the UK was 100 miles further north of south, longer forecasts would be easier, but it is very difficult to predict the position jetstream , which is the major factor.the UK was. Incidentally he thought that electric cars etc were a waste of time without carbon capture at power stations as you just transfer pollution from the roads to the power stations without it. At my friend's funeral, I met the Chief Meteorologist who had a red face over his "Barbecue Summer" prediction a couple of years ago who reflected your views.

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