BBC is a threat to independant Journalism

  dagnammit 21:34 28 Aug 2009

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"Mr Murdoch said free news on the web provided by the BBC made it "incredibly difficult" for private news organisations to ask people to pay for their news."

BBC is free? Since when?

  Strawballs 21:36 28 Aug 2009

That's fine coming from Mr Murdoch it is an area he can't take control of.

  dagnammit 21:39 28 Aug 2009

I have begrduged my license fee for years but I'd rather have the BBC than this chump's company.

  canarieslover 21:55 28 Aug 2009

Judging from the 'news' content of a lot of the press it appears that many journalists sit at the computer all day looking for items to fill the pages tomorrow. Often I read items on the web that don't even appear in print for several days and then are presented as news.

  zzzz999 22:01 28 Aug 2009

If it gets up Murdoch's nose, I'm for it

  laurie53 08:29 29 Aug 2009

"Free news on the web"

Nothing to do with the license fee.

However, I'm with Rick'scafe on this one - if Murdoch doesn't like it it can't be bad.

Anyway, broadcast news is part of the BBC's charter.

The internet is just another way of broadcasting.

  Stuartli 09:24 29 Aug 2009

If it's nothing to do with the licence fee, how does the BBC pay for its superb website then?

  laurie53 09:36 29 Aug 2009

I simply mean that the website is accessible without the need for a tv licence, and it is therefore free at point of use whether you have paid a licence fee or not

  johndrew 10:07 29 Aug 2009

As much as I dislike Murdoch, he has a point in that the new coverage from the BBC has been biased toward Government in recent years.

Whether this resulted wholly from the saga of reporting of `Iraq gate` incidents or has crept in slowly I`m uncertain; but it is noticeable when coverage by other channels is compared.

The only other point to come out of the statement was the Murdoch commitment to profit at all costs. But then that is why people go into business in the first place.

  lofty29 14:04 29 Aug 2009

I am sure that Murdock would love to have total control of all the media, I also agree that the BBC has become very biased towards the government since the iraq saga, however it is not state owned or sponsored but paid for by the licence payers, also sounds like another move to shift some of the licence fee to the independants.

  DieSse 15:06 29 Aug 2009

There is, however, a severe crisis in local journalism and radio stations, as more and more local papers and stations are being squeezed out (by a combination of the recession, falling advertising revenue and other competition, such as the BBC)

In the long run this will lead to less local news, except that provided directly by local councils perhaps, which also have less funding problems (propaganda some may consider it - certainly much less likely to be critical or unbiased).

The BBC is a public body with very large publicly provided funding. This gives it an inestimable commercial advantage, and an ability to spend masses of licence payers money on, for instance, web services.

So whilst you might consider the Murdoch talk "special pleading" (as it of course is, to some degree) - there's an important message here for the BBC. It mustn't allow it's incredible commercial clout to wreck important news conduits, particularly local and regional ones.

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