BBC Sports Personality of the year?

  The Brigadier 11:29 12 Nov 2008

1.Lewis Hamilton
2.Chris Hoy
3.Rebecca Adlington

  interzone55 11:34 12 Nov 2008

Can't argue with that beyond the order.

I'd have Rebecca Adlington at 2 & Chris Hoy at 3, perhaps followed by Victoria Pendleton at 4...

  Quickbeam 11:43 12 Nov 2008

1. Chris Hoy
2. Kevin Pietersen
3. Martin Johnson

It's all highly emotive and subjective though.

F1 isn't physical enough, and is to reliant on engineering excellence to be a true sport. And as all the supporters of F1 write to disagree, I would compare it to darts and snooker to fuel the fire even more...

  JanetO 11:52 12 Nov 2008

There are slight differnces between darts, snooker and F1 racing. If you make a mistake in the first two you may lose the match. If it's FI you may lose your life. Also in F1 the drivers have to be at peak fitness otherwise their reactions wouldn't be as good. Added to which Hamilton had to not only fight to win races off his own bat, but endure the same (unseen) prejudices that Tiger Woods had to overcome.

  Quickbeam 12:01 12 Nov 2008

I don't disagree with any of your statement... but more than 50% of the effort to win an F1 title is from the background team and engineering excellence.

That make an F1 nominee ineligible to me.

  tullie 12:04 12 Nov 2008

Why would Kevin Petersen and Martin Johnson be on any ones list?

  ventanas 12:05 12 Nov 2008

I agree, and probably jockeys come under a similar heading where a lot of the work is done by the trainer.
I can't disagree with your selection. except that the cricketer should always be first.

  interzone55 12:11 12 Nov 2008

F1 is very physical, a driver will lose several kilos during a race through sweat. They also have to withstand up to 5G in some corners.

Add to that the bumps felt as they driver across the curbs and over any debris, there's very little to protect the driver's bottom from the road...

  Quickbeam 12:12 12 Nov 2008

Chris Hoy: Turned out a superhuman effort in the Olympics

Kevin Pietersen: Turned a disheartened national team with the will of losers into a team with the will to win.

Martin Johnson: Has done the same to English RU... mind you if we get thrashed over the next few weeks I'll hate him instead. I did say "It's all highly emotive and subjective though."

  birdface 12:55 12 Nov 2008

So far nobody has mentioned Andy Murray the best male tennis prospect that we have seen for a long time.

  Clapton is God 13:03 12 Nov 2008

Very sorry to see that nobody has mentioned John Sergeant in Strictly Come Dancing. ;-))

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