BBC Site has had another revamp . . . .

  Covergirl 12:43 30 Nov 2010

. . . . or is it just my browser (IE6) ?

Or perhaps they're in the middle of a revamp and it has been released too early - I can't find the iPlayer, and the TV link takes me to "The BBC's International Commercial TV Channels" page.

I think I'll come back later.

(Browser is company dictated so no advice about keeping it up to date thanks)

  Al94 12:52 30 Nov 2010

All working normally here in IE8

  Woolwell 12:53 30 Nov 2010

Ok on Firefox and IE8.

  ashdav 16:49 30 Nov 2010

Sounds like your company is using an ISP with overseas servers.

  interzone55 17:17 30 Nov 2010

Why on earth are you still using IE6?

If you've got an old machine that won't work with IE8 then try Firefox or something.

Even MS have now admitted that IE6 stinks...

by the way, BBC site is hunky dory here using Chrome, IE8 and Opera on my mobile...

  interzone55 17:19 30 Nov 2010

Sorry just read the last line - do you work for Orange?

If my company mandated the use of a massively out of date browser I'd seriously consider changing jobs as IE6 is a real danger to network security...

  Covergirl 20:29 30 Nov 2010

Moves are afoot to upgrade IE to tabbed browsing but one of our security apps won't work with it so I have to stick with IE6.

We have other security in place so no real danger, but advice welcome thanks. Not that I can do much about it. :)

  ashdav 23:55 30 Nov 2010

I stand by my post re. Overseas servers despite the IE6 trolling.

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