BBC Real Story on Hard Drives

  zekea 11:44 15 Aug 2006

What happens to your old hard drive?
info at: click here
How to wipe your harddrive at:
click here

  Sethhaniel 11:51 15 Aug 2006

I send my old crashed drive to them they can recover my poetry - save me typing it all in again ;)

ps The BBC link doesn't work

  zekea 11:57 15 Aug 2006

Sorry, try these.
They are getting a lot of hits for some reason!

BBC Link
click here

Hard Drive Wiper
click here

  Jimmy14 12:03 15 Aug 2006

I watched the program on it last night on BBC1, did everyone else?

  bremner 12:18 15 Aug 2006

From the BBC link

"A clean start

Another way to make sure the hard drive is wiped is to reformat it and re-install your operating system."

What awful advice!!

  bremner 12:41 15 Aug 2006

Dropped a email to BBC and they have very quickly added the following to the aforementioned article.

"Please note that formatting your hard drive using the 'Format' command does not always erase the data completely."

Quick work

  freaky 13:30 15 Aug 2006

If you delete anything, then technically it is still there until the sector where it was, is overwritten.

Defragging a HD will sometimes overwrite sectors that contained deleted items - but not always !

  vinnyT 14:00 15 Aug 2006

Wasn't too impressed with the reporting, seems to me that the reporter just wanted a nice trip around the world (well Switzerland (sorry if that's not spelt right) and Nigeria).

And that guy at the end seemed to think it was the councils fault the he didn't erase his hd.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:27 15 Aug 2006

The people on the report were stupider than stupid. Worryingly the gormless woman was a school teacher so I feel sorry for anyone she attempts to teach. Let's put this into context.......

1) I cannot believe that the hapless idiots that were shown did not know that a reformat to clear all their info was a necessity. There have been enough reports in the media. They would not throw their bank statements away untouched so why throw away a HD which is similar to paper files.

2) Captain Womble who though that it was the council's responsibility to erase disks was a classic example of 'it's not my responsibility, whimper, whimper'.

3) they were shocked to find that their bank sort code and account number was available. If they knew anything about the real world they would know that *ahem* your sort code and account number is written large on cheques and debit need much more than just the sort and account number, these are easily available.

4) anyone keeping passwords for their bank on a home computer deserves to lose all they own as did the three idiots that were interviewed.

5) this has nothing to do with hacking, it is people's inherent stupidity for which there is no defence.

6) it was heartening to see that the Nigerian Special Plod consider a crack across the chops the best way to deal with anyone mouthy that is pulled in, the chap was rather quiet afterwards.....but am I being a trifle cynical when I feel that the raid was just a bit 'set up'?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:29 15 Aug 2006

I can assure you that a trip to Switzerland is 'nice' but that is not the word I would use to describe a trip to Nigeria.....there would have to be a really compelling reason (like the end of the world) for me to return there.


  vinnyT 14:56 15 Aug 2006

I quite liked my time in Nigeria and surronding countries, and given the choice of reporting from Nigeria or England (he didn't *have* to go out of the country to make the prog. I would choose a trip to Nigeria any day.

Maybe my definition of nice and yours is different, but that's what mkes the world a more interesting place.

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