BBC News Website Changes

  realist 21:00 11 Jun 2009

Auntie seems to have suddenly ditched the default UK-centric home page.

My browser now opens on the World News page. This I don't like as I'm used to having a direct link to my local news and weather, and I want to see UK news headlines first.

Africa now tops the list of homepage options which are now alphabetical rather than beginning with UK.

Attempts to open the UK homepage met with "page unavailable".

Oh dear, yet another instance of form (and maybe more than a little political correctness) before function.

I've emailed my comments to Auntie who assures me I won't get a reply.

  jakimo 21:18 11 Jun 2009

Why not set-up whatever BBC page you want as your favourite page?

  bluto1 21:54 11 Jun 2009

I've got BBC as my front page and I get my local news and weather. If it changes as you say I'm changing channels, so there!!!!!

  Rigga 22:34 11 Jun 2009

Some info > click here <


  interzone55 22:36 11 Jun 2009

What ISP do you use?

The BBC news sit picks up your location from your IP address and chooses the international or UK page for you. If you head to the BBC homepage (click the BBC logo at the top of the news page) you can set your location, and providing you allow cookies you will then be presented with the UK-centric news page by default.

  Stuartli 00:26 12 Jun 2009

My BBC website home page is based around my post code and has been for a number of years.

There's no change in this set up judging by a check a few seconds ago.

  laurie53 08:06 12 Jun 2009

Just checked my BBC homepage - not changed, still based quite locally on my small UK hometown of 5,000 people.

How local do you want it?

  realist 20:58 13 Jun 2009

Ok noted.

But when I click on click here I get taken to the World News page with no access to UK news pages.

Can someone please maybe check if they get same result?

I am with AOL and have read the BBC UK News website on almost an hourly basis for the last ten years and suddenly I'm denied access?

Any ideas? I've searched in vain for a BBC UK news url that does not take me to World News!

  mark2 21:03 13 Jun 2009

htt p:// .uk/ your link is different to click here which takes me direct to the UK news section

  realist 21:06 13 Jun 2009

Thanks mark2 but that url gives me "cannot find server".

How annoying!

  rdave13 21:08 13 Jun 2009

Strange, I'm on AOL but use IE and using your link get to 'News Front Page' but still get the local headlines by scrolling down a bit.

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