BBC Micros find a new lease of life

  TopCat® 12:58 25 Aug 2010

Quote: 'The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) at Bletchley Park has started letting a few lucky A-level students loose on the machines to hone their programming skills.' click here

It's good to read that old technology like this is finding a use today, albeit on a very limited scale. It is said that the past can come back to haunt us, but if it can be put to good use then I'm all for it. What say you? TC.

  Hercule Marple 13:12 25 Aug 2010

They were good computers in their day, those BBCs. I used them at school on my computer studies 'O' Level course, and there was many an after school hours Elite session (also Frak, but I never liked that game). Kids with wealthy families had a BBC B at home, but the less well off made do with an Acorn Electron. I had neither, but got through the course anyway, lol.

  QuizMan 17:51 25 Aug 2010

When they were in their element, they were considered the best, but outside my price range. I made do with a ZX81 followed by the Spectrum

  ams4127 21:14 25 Aug 2010

Started with ZX81, then went the commodore 64 route.

  timsmith259 00:54 26 Aug 2010

ahh the bbc acorn and others alike

  timsmith259 00:55 26 Aug 2010

damn good games nut the tape recorder downloading the software onto the computer worth he wait at times.

  Pineman100 15:31 27 Aug 2010

I had a BBC the model with the huge 32k memory (none of yer 16k rubbish for me!).

My favourite use for it was playing a game that was very advanced for its time. I can't remember its name, but it involved playing the part of a space trader, accumulating goods, avoiding pirates, and so on.

Can anyone remember what it was called?

  monkeyboy21 17:17 27 Aug 2010

See Hercule Marple's post above.

The game was called Elite and was a great game. i made it to Deadly, but could never achieve the top rank of the title. A multitude of Military Lasers on all ports and a bit of trading coupled with a little bit of piracy helped me get that far (oh and the obligitary escape pod when you got in to some stick situations).

  Woolwell 17:34 27 Aug 2010

Elite and many others - for nostalgia click here

  Pineman100 19:09 28 Aug 2010

Elite! Sorry - I somehow remembered it as something more complicated.

But thanks to Woolwell's link I can see that it's definitely the game I remembered.

I had a fairly competent memory in those days...


  Armchair 19:13 28 Aug 2010

Thanks for the link to the emulators and all the rest of it. Never had much luck with emulators, apart from Spectaculator, but I've got BeebEm running. Can't get many of the games to work, though Keep getting a 'File not found' message when I try to start most of them. Any advice? Some of them run, most don't.

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