BBC - fair comment our foul

  namtas 09:52 23 Jan 2007

Apparently the good old BBC came in for a public attack last night, looks like it was an excuse to try to gain some high ground combined with a rant
click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:39 23 Jan 2007

Yet another loon with a very lopsided view of the world.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 11:59 23 Jan 2007

Did you read the comments after the article.

  namtas 12:07 23 Jan 2007

I am not sure that I would see him as a loon I think that is a bit of a over reaction, I think that what he says makes a lot of sense in many areas.

  spuds 12:09 23 Jan 2007

Bit out of my depth here, whose Paul Dacre, anyone of significant public interest!.

  Kate B 12:20 23 Jan 2007

Paul Dacre is the editor of the Daily Mail, so the tone of the rant is no surprise at all. Good blog by Greenslade.

  IClaudio 18:22 23 Jan 2007

that link doesn't work now.

It's a conspiracy obviously... ;)

  anskyber 18:35 23 Jan 2007

I always think the Irishman got it completely right when offering directions to a lost traveller, if it were him he would not start from here.

Political positions are a bit like that, from a rightwing stance a centre ground view will seem a

The BBC for all it's failings (and there are many) represents about the best TV journalism which may be found. To my eyes in recent times a friend of Labour they appear to be not and the same could be true at the end of the Tory rule.

I find it annoying when journalists do not treat the public with respect, but then maybe the ranters find an echo of their preconceptions with their readership.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:42 23 Jan 2007

'Paul Dacre is the editor of the Daily Mail'...well swipe me down with a feather, no wonder he is a loon.


  interzone55 22:21 23 Jan 2007

Watch the tabloid TV that is ITV news, then watch Sky News, then BBC News. Compare and contrast the quality.

It's a bit like comparing the quality of news coverage in the Guardian, Times and Daily Mail.

  Kate B 22:25 23 Jan 2007

It's different audiences with different requirements - each does a good job for its audience. Different news priorities, different agendas. For me, it's the BBC and the Guardian, but that's no more right or wrong than someone who prefers the tone and politics of the Mail and ITV News. I don't like the agenda of the Mail: it's mysogynist, xenophobic and often small-minded, but I'm quite sure Mail readers don't like the tone and agenda of the Guardian.

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