BBC 'failings' in Hammond crash

  TopCat® 14:22 22 Jun 2007

Needs to tighten up on safety, it's said. TC.

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  Stuartli 14:50 22 Jun 2007

I cannot recall, off the top of my head, any BBC employee who was injured whilst undergoing the more dangerous activities for the corporation.

As I see it, the main reason for Hammond's injures was the fact that the vehicle ended upside down on grass - if it had remained on the runway his head would have been properly protected by the rollover bar because of the hard surface.

I've done a high speed performance driving test on Elvington and it's one of the safest places to do such activities in the UK; the runway is one of the longest in Britain at two miles in length.

Even so I got nowhere near the speed at which the Top Gear presenter was travelling..:-)

  J B 15:03 22 Jun 2007

How can Top Gear legislate for a blown tire? If as they say the flaw in the tire wasn't detectable at the time what more could be done other than changing the tires after every run. Even then a new tire could have done the same thing. Typical Catch 22 situation. J.B.

  Forum Editor 18:05 22 Jun 2007

of the BBC beating itself up a bit for the sake of appearances?

A whitewash would have been widely criticised, and anything too damning would have made them look like a bunch of irresponsible bungling fools - so they're sticking out their corporate hand for a light caning.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:11 22 Jun 2007

One would imagine that him driving the car at 300mph may have had some influence on the safety of the run.


  J B 18:19 22 Jun 2007

You are absolutely right on this one. Wouldn't it be nice if the BBC stopped criticising itself and for once stop trying to be all things to all people. To my way of thinking, there are enough apologists in this world. J.B.

  Forum Editor 18:34 22 Jun 2007


  Stuartli 19:21 22 Jun 2007

>>One would imagine that him driving the car at 300mph may have had some influence on the safety of the run.>>

But you also have to factor in the blown tyre - such an event can be just as dangerous at very much lower speeds in an ordinary car if you don't have the room to manoeuvre.

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