BBC browser poll

  jz 21:48 29 Oct 2006

I know that these polls aren't very scientific, but quite a few votes have been cast, and I was surprised that around 50% said Firefox (much higher than I expected) and only 30% said Internet Explorer. Rigged? Expected, since this is the BBC technology page, and people interested in technology are more likely to used Firefox? Here's a snapshot...

Which browser do you use?

Internet Explorer



48845 Votes Cast

Results are indicative and may not reflect public opinion

Here's the web page... click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:54 29 Oct 2006

I use Opera 9 which I believe is superior to both the above, so I was unable to vote.

  lisa02 21:58 29 Oct 2006

Use both but IE7 more.

  anskyber 22:01 29 Oct 2006

Not surprising, but not accurate if it is meant to establish the countrywide use of different browsers.

Its a bit like asking readers of the BBC Cycling web page which bike they ride and concluding that most people in the country ride a Colnago.

  jz 22:04 29 Oct 2006


"Which browser do you use?" was part of the wording of the poll, not a question that I was asking of people reading this thread!

My question is, do you think it's a rigged poll, or an expected result given that this was on the BBC technology page, and technologically-minded people are perhaps more likely to use Firefox?

  jz 22:05 29 Oct 2006

anskyber: yes, that's what I suspect too.

  jz 22:08 29 Oct 2006

It would be interesting to have a PCA Poll on this. Or maybe it would just open up old wounds of the great IE - Firefox / Microsoft - Open Source divide.

  lisa02 22:14 29 Oct 2006

I think it is a biased poll.

  gudgulf 22:50 29 Oct 2006

Slanted towards people with a knowledge and interest in things IT maybe,but biased is a bit strong.

It shows that Firefox has made major inroads into the more technically orientated user........the overall figures posted elswhere suggest that the average pc user will stick to what they get,ie IE!

Me I use both.Mainly Firefox which I keep ActiveX free and stripped of ads etc to allow for visits to sites that are dodgy......errrr,to investigate any problems with particular sites that people get on the forum you understand.If someone says "don't click here" I usually do to see what happens (twice weekly Acronis backups just in case)lol.

Have to say that IE7 is a big big improvement over 6..I like it a lot,but still find Firefox better and more suited to my needs.

  Kate B 23:02 29 Oct 2006

Of course it's not rigged, what an absurd thing to say. Polls are not especially representative - that one presumably is on the tech pages where people who are clued up about technology go and so tends to get people who have a view on browsers responding to it. I suspect if you went out and interviewed 1,000 people randomly the results would be different. Also, remember that polls are self-selecting: you have to be sufficiently motivated to respond to it so again, that particular poll will attract responses from people who have a view on a browser. Your average internet user who couldn't care less and probably uses IE as it's the default with Windows isn't going to a) read those pages and b) respond to a poll like that.

Why do you think it's rigged?

  lisa02 23:06 29 Oct 2006

I should perhaps clarify my view.

It's biased as in more tech savvy people will know more about browsers and so will have chosen a different browser than the defacto that you get with windows. It's obvious that the most popular alternative is firefox so in this instance the results are predictable.

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