Battle to let jury decide truth about Diana

  zimzala 22:08 28 Jan 2007

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I think that there should be an independent person doing this investigation.....

The Harrods owner wants a judge to compel Deputy Royal Coroner Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss to conduct the hearings before a panel of ordinary men and women.

In court papers filed yesterday, the tycoon claims Lady Butler-Sloss’s independence could be compromised because she is a salaried employee of the royal household as its coroner.

  beynac 22:15 28 Jan 2007

This has been investigated ad nauseum. Please take your conspiracy theories to another forum. I have refrained from commenting on your 9/11 threads but you are really becoming quite tiresome!

  chocolate cake 22:16 28 Jan 2007

I'm still with the reptile theory on this!

  Kate B 22:16 28 Jan 2007

Oh, for heaven's sake. Go away, zimzala, please.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:24 28 Jan 2007

Here is a radical has too much to drink-gets in powerful car with 2 passengers-legs it like a cheetah with a pin up its' bottom-loses control-smashes into concrete which is a bit harder than the car-formerly despised by the media,woman not wearing seatbelt-body suffers trauma as her internal organs go from 90mph to zero in a split second causing massive internal ruptures. No one in their right mind would believe this rubbish.


  zimzala 22:28 28 Jan 2007

Of ya go again with concpiracy.. no one mentioned that its just an article about an enquiry into her death

  Brumas 22:28 28 Jan 2007

"What is Zimzala? The word Zimzala is a term that is used to describe a person that wants to live there life without stress and worry."

Good choice of ID - fits you to a T ;o)

  anskyber 22:30 28 Jan 2007

This certainly has dragged on for a long time.

Oddly although I agree with GANDALF <|:-)>'s pugnacious reply.....and I do, given that there are so many doubters out there, the decision to rely on Lady BS alone is just going to feed the conspiracy frenzy.

I think it's an opportunity missed.

  Forum Editor 22:30 28 Jan 2007

I've had enough of your total obsession with conspiracy theories.

  beynac 22:47 28 Jan 2007

"Of ya go again with concpiracy (sic).."

The only reason, for the statement you have made, is to allege a conspiracy. Why else would you say that the Deputy Royal Coroner Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss should be forced to hold the hearings before a panel of "ordinary men and women"?

The facts have been established. I agree with GANDALF <|:-)> (apart from the fact that there were three passengers). It is rubbish to suggest that there is any sort of cover up.

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