amonra 16:00 11 Apr 2012

I needed a CR2032 battery for my car remote. I thought,I'll have a look in the local Pound Shop when next in town. Next thought, google it ? I have just bought TWO (named) batteries for 52p DELIVERED !!! How on earth can these firms make a profit when the postage is 36p ? Unbelieveable.

  spuds 16:36 11 Apr 2012

Some places will charge over £1.00 for just one of those type of batteries!.

With regards to delivered purchase items, then look no further than eBay, and see what you can buy via auction or Buy Now from Hong Kong and China. Okay it may take 7/23 days to get the item, but when you are able to buy for a few pence, including airmail delivery, then it certainly becomes unbelievable.

I would add, that I make many purchases like this, and have never been disappointed yet.

  Chegs ®™ 16:51 11 Apr 2012

I bought 5 of those batteries for a £1 including delivery,then fitted the various items needing new batteries & my GF put the remainder in a safe place.

My watch recently needed a new battery,& guess what? The carefully stored remaining batteries are missing,presumed taken by the toothfairy by mistake.

  amonra 17:05 11 Apr 2012

Chegs, like you, I've got several of these batteries "in a safe place" but with my memory, can't find 'em !!!!!! That damn tooth-fairy is in for a good hiding if I ever catch her.

  BT 17:35 11 Apr 2012

My watch recently needed a new battery

I just take mine into my local Timpsons and get a FREE one fitted. The first time I went there I paid a little extra for FREE batteries for life (of the watch that is). They fit quality batteries that last for ages, and its only worthwhile if you have good watch. I'm on about my third or fourth one now.

  Aitchbee 18:26 11 Apr 2012

I bought a 4 X pack of 'TRONIC ENERGY 2500' NI-MH - 2500 mAh AA Mignon recharchable batteries, from my local big-name store a few days ago, intending to use them for my little FM radio.

I have discovered that they (the 2 AA's) go in quite snuggly...but I had to extricate them with a screwdriver and a lot of patience, when I wanted to replace 'em!

I think I've got slimmer batteries, somewhere in the house, which I will use in future.

  onionskin 01:44 12 Apr 2012

AitchBEE, hasn't your radio got a little ribbon which you put under the battery and pull to lift it out? If not, you could always add one.

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:46 12 Apr 2012

Are you all sure it is tooth-fairies? I would lay the blame at the feet of the Battery Pixie

  onionskin 09:00 12 Apr 2012

Might be a wireless mouse, mine eats batteries.

  Chegs ®™ 04:01 13 Apr 2012

BT: My watch is a very cheap item,I only keep it going as it was a present from my daughter.I had a very expensive watch that unfortunately suffered a cracked glass,my GF took it to several repairers and was offended when told that the glass replacement was probably more expensive than the watch had been.I refuse to dispose of it as it too was a present,so its sat in a drawer (probably with the watch batteries) somewhere in the house.

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