Baths re enamelling

  mitsme 13:01 07 Sep 2007

Have any of you had this done? If so I'd be interested to hear how it worked out. What was the finish like?

I've got a damned good bath, it's just not white & I don't like acrilyc. Would you recommend a resurface?

  PalaeoBill 13:48 07 Sep 2007

We had the existing roll top bath refinished when we moved in around 12 years ago. It looked a little 'orange peel' like when it was first done and we were told to be very careful with it for a couple of days until it cured. It did cure and harden smooth. It is still going strong, no complaints.

  techie4me 14:12 07 Sep 2007

Theirs a comany in based near Forest Row in Sussex
Not sure the name but could try to track it down if your near by?

  mitsme 14:17 07 Sep 2007

Thanks, you know a bath, well it's a bit like one of the family. If It loves It don't mind the saggy bits, seen 'em all before! :))

It's good to know that I can give it the "Face Lift" I can't afford.

Will now have to go looking for some local, reputable, people that can do the job right.


  TopCat® 15:44 07 Sep 2007

You might like to read up on it first, mitsme. TC. click here

  TopCat® 15:51 07 Sep 2007

Also your bath may benefit from a special cleaner for enamel - click here TC.

  pj123 17:23 07 Sep 2007

Forget it. We had it done some years ago. It didn't work.

We ended up buying a brand new bathroom suite from a local supplier, fitting included.

We still use it now.

  mitsme 14:50 12 Sep 2007


Cleaning it is not going to solve the prob as I want to change the colour, I want a white bath.

  Pineman100 18:25 12 Sep 2007

Is it a unique bath?

Re-enamelling isn't cheap, and is only worth it if it's a very special bath that you don't want to replace.

If you just want a white (non-plastic) bath, you can get a steel one for around £100 - sometimes less. For example click here

  mitsme 00:11 17 Sep 2007

It's not a special bath just a bloody good one. Good size & the renamelling will prob be an interim measure as I need to renovate the wole house.


  wee eddie 10:35 17 Sep 2007

Forget DIY Enamel.

Well my experience is not of the latest DIY stuff, but my sister did a bath 4 years back and It was really a waste of time and lifted around the plug to start with, and around the bum position later, most uncomfortable and very unsightly.

Sending the Bath back to the manufacturers is an option. My Cousin did this on several baths when they were rebuilding the House, but we are talking about baths that are antiques in their own right. I never asked how much it cost as the wholr thing nightmare proportions. I gather that the repairs to the roof, alone, would have bought an average Semi.

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